TUF 8 Winner Efrain Escudero Cut By The UFC

Another one bites the dust, Efrian Esudero has been cut from the UFC roster following his submission loss to Charles Oliveira.


  1. He was kind of boring to watch, but I'm still surprised he got cut.

  2. Flying Armbar says:

    he was boring and it was no surprise…did he win any of his fights? You have to win at least half the time.

  3. he did win some but he missed weight this past fight. He came in at 159. That always pisses dana off (travis lutter)

  4. This is terrible. The guy wins and you cut him? Strikeforce just keeps getting better, doesn't it? Too bad Dana White couldn't make a deal with Fedor. UFC is going DOWN!

  5. I agree with Flying Armbar.

  6. Are u guys retarded? He knocked out cole miller he was fun 2 watch I am suprised he got cut. He just got caught twice but is a good and young fighter, bad move by dana imo.

  7. i don't understand why this happened. 5 fights into the ufc and he won 3 of em and he's cut? he didn't even lose 2 in a row. this seems a bit harsh.

  8. Peanuts taste delicious.

  9. @ hosan, he lost his last 2 in a row, which now a days can definetly get you cut.. His last win was against Cole Miller. Now he lost to Dunham and this oliviera guy.

  10. shut up iron bj. cole keeps beating people and Efrain beat Cole. so efrain should be given a rematch then the loser has to leave. that's what i would do.

  11. sorry you got bruised that i had to correct you. get your shit straight, he lost two in a row. go cry somemore…Cole miller has won his last two and hasnt lost two in a row. dumb fuck

  12. apologies, hosan, i just looked at my post again and want to say sorry. let's not fight ok

  13. second one wasn't me it's whoever is takin names around here.I dont disrespect anyone around here with insults. i just say how i feel about situations of interest. it's a pretty easy tell with this guy when osmeone who never throws an insult starts his post with "shut up ___".

    However, unless my information is incorrect, his last 3 fights go:: Loss vs oliveira:: Win vs Dan lauzon:: Loss vs Evan dunham::

    that's loss win loss, not loss loss

  14. hosan u are correct. He was also beating evan dunhan before he got caught. Like I said stupid move by dana white.

  15. i know i'm correct because i said it. i don't need you to agree with me.

  16. Nichole Lesniak says:

    He may be winning fights, but he's not selling them. He's a very one-dimensional fighter who, despite winning TUF, has not progressed. That's reason enough…. why pay someone that no one wants to watch?

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