TUF 8 Finale Payouts and Bonuses

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released fighter payouts for The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finale on Saturday night.

The big winner of the night goes to Wilson Gouveia, who despite loosing 20% ($9,200) of his fight purse for not making weight, pulled in a hefty $36,800 for his win over “The Athlete” Jason MacDonald.

Loser of the night has to go to Kevin Burns for only pulling $7,000 for getting knocked out cold on national television. Burns contract only guaranteed him $7,000, that’s $1,000 less then all the TUF 8 fighters were guaranteed and this was his third fight for the UFC.

Efrain Escudero — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Phillipe Nover — $8,000
Vinicius Magalhaes -— $8,000
Ryan Bader — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Wilson Gouveia —- $36,800 (including $18,400 bonus)
Jason MacDonald — $35,200 (including $9,200 of Gouveia’s purse)
Anthony Johnson —- $18,000 (including $9,000 bonus)
Kevin Burns — $7,000
David Kaplan — $8,000
Junie Allen Browning — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Shane Primm —- $8,000
Krzysztof Soszynski — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Jules Bruchez —- $8,000
Eliot Marshall — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
George Roop —- $8,000
Shane Nelson — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Tom Lawlor —- $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)
Kyle Kingsbury — $8,000
John Polakowski —- $8,000
Roli Delgado — $16,000 (including $8,000 bonus)

Fight of the Night: Junie Browning and Dave Kaplan earned 25k each
KO of the Night: Anthony Johnson earned 25k
Submission of the Night: Krzysztof Soszynski earned 25k

[via Sherdog]


  1. Anthony Johnson definately desevered that

  2. yes, that was a great head kick. His training with cung le has paid off.

  3. Thats kind of stupid that Vinny and Nover got the same as Dave Kaplan and all the other fighters who lost that night as far as fighter from the season. I mean comeon Nover was in the finals he should have gotten more then a guy who wasnt in the finals that lost. Same with Vinny.I mean really Jules Bruchez got 8k? That dude is for real a bitch. He would get his ass kicked at a local bar.

  4. sidenote Escudero was on Law Radio last night and said that he wants Huerta next. calling it the mexican lw championship.lol

  5. kevin got fucked on the pay..vinny and nover should have got at lesst 10grand because they made it to the finals

  6. Nichole Lesniak says:

    The 4 that made it to the finals had the shot at the big contract – that was payment enough. And at least the 4 of them have futures in the UFC – can't say the same about the rest.

  7. Thats true. They have guaranteed fights in the future.

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