TUF 7 Brutal Knockout


  1. that is truely a KO..it was unfortunate that the other guy had to go to the hospital but he was hurt bad….he was moaning in pain subconciously

  2. looks like a little bit of brain damage there. he defintely has loss of memory. he didn't even remember that he was on the ultimate fighter show!

  3. Yeah, that sounds like a 2nd or 3rd degree concussion there. I've never had that bad personally but I hear that in a 2nd degree you don't remember what happened and in a 3rd degree you don't remember anything period. Looks like he had the worst kind of concussion. Hope he was alright.

  4. Good acting. Where the f*ck am I; what happened?

  5. I read he had a 3rd degree concussion and broke his jaw also.

  6. unfortunately, tim sylvia will meet the same fate when he fights fedor.

  7. Thats pretty harsh man. Poor guy. Hope he recovers real quick.

  8. pretty scary. not only do you not remember anything but you wake up to rampage staring at you.

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