TUF 6 Finale: Ben Saunders vs. Dan Barrera

ben sounders vs. dan barrera

According to FiveOuncesOfPain sources, a rematch between Ben Saunders and Dan Barrera will take place at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale on December 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Barrera vs. Saunders fight during the TUF season, ended with a close unanimous decision for Ben Saunders. Barrara was able to knock down Saunders early in the first round, but was inevitably overpowered by Saunders well rounded BJJ skills in round two.


  1. This is badass. But i dont know why Dan took this fight, he lost last time but hey i hope Dan wins this time and if Dan knocks him down i hope he jumps all over him this time..That was the best fight all of TUF 6 so far and Im beting its going to be even better on the Dec 8

  2. Yeah, this is going to be good and Dan should have a lot more training by then. Ben is tough as hell and well rounded though so its going to be a close fight probably. I also like War Machine vs. J Rock.

  3. War Machine vs. J Rock.. i really want to see that cause Jrock got knock out by a guy that is not a striker and War hits super hard and great kicks, but Wars ground game is not to great and that is were Jrock is really good.. great match up bc of the styles..

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