TUF 10 Video: Rampage Having Hard Time Controlling Temper Around Rashad Evans

Former UFC light heavyweight champion discusses his beef with fellow TUF 10 coach Rashad Evans.


  1. rampage vs kimbo would be awesome.

  2. dane drebin says:

    rampage vs kimbo would be one of the most onesided beatings ever. kimbos "beard" couldnt take any of ranmpages shots. seth just knocked kimbo out on one foot lol come on derek.

  3. the kimbo references are starting up again. there was nothing for months. i thought he was going to disappear from the scene until he get cast in a broadway musical of the muppets.

  4. Cobra Clutch says:

    derek, if what you mean by "awesome" is kimbo getting KTFO, then yes that would be awesome. but that'll never happen. kimbo would never climb that high, and rampage has quite a way to fall to kimbo's level.

  5. 69insidemytriangle says:

    ya derek you poo nig aint nobody but you think kimbo stand a chance gainst rampage

  6. Cobra Clutch says:

    69, please explain what you mean by "poo nig"…you wouldn't be making a racial slur, would you?

  7. i cant wait for this season

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