TUF 10 Video Commercaial, Kimbo Edition




    I'm hoping Kimbo does well, but idk who is in the camp so.

    Rampage vs Rashad…. Rampage all the way baby.

  2. oh and it sucks its not on till sept… that is MILES away :(

  3. Who was the monster standing behind them? I didn't know you could teach a building to fight.

  4. kimbo and rampage on the same team will be hilarious.

  5. other derek says:

    kimbo what channel is it on? …..lol

  6. Just proves that Kimbo is one of the most marketable individuals around. Does he deserve this? Probably not – but it's gonna make Zuffa a lot of cash.

    Could you imagine if he made it to the finals? Dana could probably make it a PPV and people would still flock to see it.

  7. Dana said that Kimbo is guaranteed a "special" contract if he wins TUF. That was the right thing to do, Dana. Kimbo is a bigger draw than Brock, even though I think Kimbo is still one dimensional.

  8. Smart move by the UFC to have Kimbo on TUF, but I am surprised that noone is giving Dana a bad time for all the sh@t he talked when Kimbo was with Strikeforce. Maybe money is more important than his pride. That would bode well for him biting the bullett and signing Fedor even if he still wants to compete in the Sambo championships once a year…but then again…I doubt it.

  9. Oops, I meant Elite XC, not Strikeforce.

  10. cant wait.. i am like 100 percent sure Kimbo will not win..i dont think he will even make the finals…but i am pretty sure semi finals

  11. I'm sure that Kimbo will not win either, but we are all entertained about how he will get that "bread" and do that "all day!"

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