Tito Ortiz Wants A Third Fight With Chuck

tito and chuck

Tito Ortiz,

“I know I’ve lost two matches. I still think I can beat him, and I still think that’s a big fight … I still want that fight. That would be awesome.”

“I think if I call him out enough times I think he’ll be a man and step up … Why wouldn’t he? That’s a huge fight and a big payday for him. It will be good.

“Why not? I’m down. I’m always game. You know me, I’m not afraid to fight anyone, even though there was a picture that was painted a long time ago that wasn’t true. I’ve fought him twice already. I’m not afraid … He already proved he’s not my friend, so the hell with it. I’ve got nothing to lose. Lets make some money, and this time I’m going to kick his ass.” [MMAWeekly]

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has his sights set on a third fight with “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell. That dream will have to wait, he fights Forrest Griffin in the main event at UFC 106.


  1. I think this would be a big draw and something Dana would even want Chuck to be in.

  2. worry about your first fight Tito

  3. do we really want to see that again? as long as its free on spike .. Tito bah .. hope Forrest takes him out

  4. Lose lose for chuck. With a win he get's to say, okay I beat the guy I already beat twice. With a lose he get's to walk out of his last fight on his contract with a loss….to a guy that he beat twice.

  5. If tito cant beat chuck this time he sucks big time. Any elite level fighter can beat chuck now. Id really like to see this because it will tell us where Tito us.

  6. hahaha tito would call out chuck once hes old. just like rampage beat up on poor old wandy lol. they beat the shit out of you boys in their prime and u'll never be able to change that. i still think chuck would have a good chance at beating tito. Chucks chin is gone but who has tito knocked out? chuck by KO

  7. Yeah But A prime Chuck Lidell will never beat a Rampage. and we seen that in 2004 when the chuck you guys love was in his prime. a prime Chuck lidell couldnt beat a Top shogun either

  8. Random Name says:

    but could muhammed ali beat king kong or godzirra? maybe mike tyson could. dana white coulda been boxing champion of the world and shoulda knocked out tito ortiz when he had the chance!

    (wakes up)

    wow…man, i really need to lay off the drugs.

  9. haha, thats funny. i don't see chuck losing to tito even now. neither of those guys are going to be champ again but both are going to sell a crap load of fights. i think its going to happen.

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