Tito Ortiz Runs Out Of Gas, Literally

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz gets stranded in his Maserati last weekend in the Orange County,

It all went down Sunday afternoon — we’re told a passerby recognized Tito … and was able to come up with a portable fuel tank to help the famous fighter bring gas back to his car half-a-mile away.

According to our source, Tito rewarded the local handsomely … with a solid handshake. Thanks? [TMZ]

While Tito always prides himself in his cardio. As of late it seems like he has been running his tank dry.


  1. There was a time when that hand shake would have been deemed more than enough, nowadays people expect a reward for being courteous.

  2. I wouldn't have helped that prick, lol. Prides himself on his cardio ?? He hasn't had good cardio for like 5 years.

  3. I completely agree tug22. It almost seems as though this is written to show how "cheap" Tito was for not shelling out some cash reward….I'm not a Tito fan at all…..but I would not expect anything but a thanks…..and that would be enough!

  4. Flying Armbar says:

    I agree that favors or good deeds should not be done with the expectation of a payback but shouldn't he at least have reimbursed the good samaritan for the gas? Grant it that it could not have been more than a gallon which would come to be about $3.50 but he could at least have done that! PIECE OF CRAP!

  5. Come on, Tito is a first class jerk. Pay the guy some help money. Driving a maseratti and cant afford to toss the guy a c note, say 20 of them for his help. I can't beleive you guys dont think tito is wrong. I would have gave the guy some dough for helping me out, and im far far from rich. On a side note, please Dana cut this turd, gaurentee he loses his next fight. what does that make like 5 or 6 in a row, idk I lost count lol

  6. Another thing Tito, lose the oakleys sunglasses. 1994 called and they want them back. Tool….

  7. or he could have just told the guy thank you for a random act of kindness, but fuck it, lets be greedy, i mean it is christmas time

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