Tito Ortiz On Forrest Griffin, UFC 104 And TV Hosting

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz out in Big Bear training for his UFC 106 fight with Forrest Griffin.


  1. "you wont see another fight with two guys running away from each other like ufc 104"… really tito?

    Hes the man I love to hate

  2. I use to hate Tito, seems like he grown up now. I hope he knocks out Forrest and makes another title run.

  3. i think tito will be back stronger then ever…

    Tito is going to smash forrest…

  4. i think titos gunna win against forrest in another close decision

  5. 1.) Tito is 34

    2.) its been 18 months since he last fought

    3.) he is out of shape

  6. When Tito was set to fight Coleman I noticed he seemed cocky and over-confident–almost giddy with the prospect of pounding out a "punishing" win. Now that it's Forrest, he seems to display more maturity and respect. I think he realizes this could be a dangerous fight career-wise. Although Silva annihilated Forrest, Forrest is a tough, dedicated fighter. Let's face it–Silva is an elite fighter. There's no shame in having lost to him–he joins a long list of fighters who are talented and skilled, yet simply couldn't hang with Spider. If Tito had fought Silva I seriously doubt the outcome would've differed.

    I love this rematch. I think Tito has more to lose. He's spent the last year and a half trash talking, claiming to be the best, and declaring himself free of back pain since surgery. If he loses (which I think will be likely given Forrest's improvement since the last fight and his need to reestablish himself) will he make endless excuses? Then again, Tito is tough–although I'm sure ring rust may be an issue. I can't wait to see what happens.

  7. Coleman is 1D and forrest isn't anymore. Both Forrest and Tito are going in confident because both had some good things to remember from the first fight. But Forrest is the best MMA fighter of the two. My money's on Forrest. Tito doesn't have the hands to take advantage of Forrest's chin.

  8. I think Tito is mostly name and reputation more so than skill or talent at this point.

  9. Good call Nikkidee. I agree and I have said this before, Forest does not have a weak chin, reguardless of the Silva fight. He also changed his style a lot since the last time these two met also, so that is another thing Tito has to figure out. Forest is more elusive now than his balls-out style of just going in and banging before.

  10. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I've noticed this too nikkidee. lol

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