Tito Ortiz is “Done With The UFC”, Signing With EliteXC A Real Possibility

It looks like Tito Ortiz was not kidding. He loves Kimbo Slice and is still looking for a possible rematch with Frank Shamrock.


  1. Pee-uke! Jennito??!! That dude is so full of himself I don't know why he isn't superheavyweight.

  2. haha what a fucking pussy!! Good ridence cock boy!

  3. he cant hang with the ufc boys..but they dont give him to much fights but idk whos fault that is..

  4. UFC minus Tito and his cocky ass will be a good thing. Dont get me wrong he was good for them years ago but his time has come to move on.

  5. Nate Fury says:

    Tito has gotten to soft for mma and he will be beaten by Machida decisivly. After that I would like to see Ortiz sign with Elite XC and fight Kimbo Slice!

  6. KIMBO vs TITO would be perfect tito would almost DIE in the cage with kimbo if you watch all 5 parts of fight science on youtube yo will see that tito is not that powerful for a heavyweight(unlike MR. Rutten) where as kimbo's leverage and brute strength put together make his punches amazingly powerful probably more than MR. Rutten(only punches) + tito has a glass jaw.

    anyway i hope it happens.

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