Tito Ortiz “He’s [Dana White] is a Wannabe Gangster”

UFC light heavyweight Tito Ortiz at it again talking about Dana White.

"He's [Dana White] is a Wannabe Gangster"" data-via="" >
Tito Ortiz "He's [Dana White] is a Wannabe Gangster"" data-url="http://www.cagetoday.com/tito-ortiz-hes-dana-white-is-a-wannabe-gangster/" data-via="">


  1. The beginning is pretty funny. Especially hearing Tito call Dana "big headed." I think I'm sick of the back and forth bickering and it's time to fight.

  2. boricua says:

    It deffiinetly is getting old all this back and forth action. But when you look at the whole picture Tito is right. The fighters do get trated like crap, they don't get the pay they deserve, but they have to stay there to make ends meat.

  3. Scooby Doo says:

    boricua you said, homes all this he said this and that is real old but what Ortiz is saying is TRUE. U don't hear or see shit about Randy C. Other than on cage today that he's tied up in court with the ufc. AA the pit bull they swept him under the rug just in this last ufc. They put the former HW Champ on the undercard. Tim S. tired to ask for a raise they let him go. Good for him he signed with Afflication now he set to fight FEDOR. G. Gonzaga? Cro-Cop with dream maybe he might be let back inn the ufc??? Lutter just got cut. etc…..

  4. at least he has the ballz to speak his mind……..it reminds me of Don King

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