Tito Ortiz Debuts On The Apprentice Tonight

tito ortiz

MMA is finally makes its way into mainstream reality TV tonight with the debut of “Celebrity Apprentice”, featuring UFC superstar Tito Ortiz. Oritz will represent MMA as he competes with 14 fellow entrepreneurial celebrities. The winner will deliver a $250,000 check to a charity of their choice.

Also on the show is former IFL Battleground host and former Playboy Playmate, Tiffany Fallon.


  1. Amarosa and the English judge on the men's side annoyed the hell out of me. Then Trump fires the playmate of the year. Tito Ortiz was almost non existent in the show except for when he was talking about Jenna Jamison. I was disappointed to see Tito and Lennox Lewis be in the background of the team. Jenna showed that she is not past her prime yet, she took the hot dog down in like two bites haha.

  2. how the show started yet? this is so funny that tito is on it.

  3. Yeah it started and it wasn't really good. Like I said the kicked off the hottest girl on the show. Then most of these guys can't wipe their ass without calling for help. Thats all their business sense is, call people to come by and give you money. It really isn't the Apprentice, its whose celebrity has more friends with money.

  4. dane drebin says:

    i wanna see Tito and Lennox lewis's altercation… haha hopefully it leads to a mma grudge match

  5. Rajeet Walia says:

    GO TITO!

  6. dana i was think that also

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