Tito Ortiz and Matt Mitrione Have a War Of Words

Tito Ortiz and Matt Mitrione exchange a few heated words before being separated at UFC Fighter Summit. The camera man behind this work of art, non-other then Roy “Big Country” Nelson.


  1. agent420 says:

    Wouldn't it be better if we could hear what they're saying … instead of that rock music?

  2. anyone know the back story to this video. or is tito just trying to get some publicity again.

  3. Does anyone even still care about Tito?

  4. the gibinator says:

    Meathead would fuckin knock Tito the fuck out, no doubt about it. I actually like mitrione and i think he could have a decent career but as far as tito is concerned i hope bader smashes him and he goes away FOR GOOD!!!!!!!

  5. lesnars out of the fight with diverticulitis again and carwin is in.

  6. That kind of blows but I like Carwin as a replacement for Brock.

  7. Nichole Lesniak says:

    While I am NOT a fan of Lesnar's by any means, I feel for the guy. It can be debilitating and could potentially end his career early.

    But I do like Carwin as a replacement!

  8. mma maniac says:

    Santos will knock out carwin. Gonzaga rocked carwin. Santos is a durable guy and will be able to take some shots from carwin and will lure carwin in. Carwin does ot have a great gas tank either

  9. I agree with that. I think Dos Santos will be quicker and have the better cardio. He just has to watch out for dirty boxing in the clinch.

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