Tito Fired From Celebrity Apprentice, Earns Trumps Respect

Tito Ortiz fired

No more seeing Titos big head on National TV. Tito Ortiz was the latest contestant fired from Donald Trumps Celebrity Apprentice.

Omarosa says she tried to focus their ad to Redbook’s audience, but that they had no “concept.” Omarosa blames Tito and Stephen for this failing. Trace sticks up for Omarosa and holds Tito accountable for the team’s loss. Trump asks Tito who he would exonerate and he says that Omarosa worked the hardest. Trump says he finds this commendable, before firing Tito. But because Trump thinks Tito is such an incredible guy, he says he’ll personally give Tito’s charity $50,000.


  1. he earned trumps respect thats not to bad, i never liked the guy when he was on top but i don't think he is the prick i used to think he was.

  2. I wish I could have seen the show more but I did catch the end of this one and Trump seemed like he liked Tito a lot. I saw the first two episodes and Tito didn't really have much of a part other than introducing Jenna. So I'm glad that he impressed on the show.

  3. I wanted to watch but I threw up after the first episode. Good to hear that Tito made a good impression on the show.

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