Tim Sylvia vs. Ray Mercer Boxing Commercial Video

Was this filmed in Monty Cox’s basement?

TG “Kom34″


  1. thats 1 cheesy commercial

  2. Just another MMA dud says:

    I think that fight is happening just after a Monster Truck Rally at the fair grounds.

  3. fight's gonna be a joke, don't care who wins.

  4. Haha Just another MMa dude…just what i was thinking…that commercial makes it look like a local brawl where the rednecks will all gather round and cheer toothless and all.

  5. hes fighting the pillsbury dough boy

  6. sunday, sunday, sunday…

  7. dane drebin says:

    lmao at showing them train… looked like they were punching in slow motion wtf

  8. slow motion? that's how fast they really punch. don't forget ray mercer is like 60 years old and tim sylvia has stooped this low in his career.

  9. I watched it again, and it just hard to see Tim Sylvia stooping this low. They both try and talk mad shit for "their sport" and its just laughable, in a sad way. Is anyone actually going to pay money to see this?

  10. dane drebin says:

    id like to see tim box holifield lol

  11. He should sign a one fight deal with UFC, then challenge Frank Mir and get his arm broken again and retire, friggin disgrace to MMA. He is fighting a geriatric boxer, REALLY?

  12. does anyone actually give a monkey terd about this fight, i kinda want to watch it in hopes that sylvia gets embarrassed.

  13. their is no respect to be gained by knocking out old ass ray mercer. kimbo didnt get any and niether will tim

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