Tim Sylvia Upset That Brock Lesnar Gets Paid

tim sylvia

In a recent comment on the Tim Sylvia forum, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia makes a statement about fighter pay for veteran UFC fighters.

“i have one fight left on my contract i want to stay with the ufc but i am going to go were the money is right now Brock is making more m0ney then me that has to change i have a better name then him and i am a better fighter then him, i case u didn’t know my manager runs m1 so i have a pretty good in so we will see what happens in the next few months. [Icon Cheesygrin] “

Love him or hate him Tim Sylvia has a point, the UFC is making a big mistake bringing in all these outside fighters and not paying the UFC veterans comparably.

Brock Lesnar basically made as much as the highest paid UFC fighter (Chuck Liddell) on his second ever MMA bout.


  1. Brock Lesnar is the best fighter ever.he brags and boasts everytime as he has the power, he can beat any of the the ufc and mma fighters if he wants.it is the time for submitting his abilities.

  2. Brock gets more money coz he generates more money into the UFC, u have to remember that UFC is also entertainment and u can be the top dog of the world in the ring but if u dont please the audience u wont get bouts, its a simple fact. UFC is todays version of the Gladiator games. But i would also see Sylvia go up against Lesnar thought, it would be interesting to see how Lesnar would handle an opponent that's actually taller than him :)

  3. it all about money not skill dana sucks and word on the street is brock is gay after rolling on the ground with a sweaty mir he wants to have sex with his wife and also

    alot of wrestlers in the wwe are gay and thats why brock was there word is his a bottom

  4. is posting that I won't dignify that last post with a response …still technically a response?….Damnit!. Too late! :)

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