The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 8 Finale Results

The conclusion of season 8 of The Ultimate Fighter comes to an end with two finale fights. First, Efrain Escudero will take on Phillipe Nover in the lightweight final. Plus, Ryan Bader will take on BJJ master Vinny Magalhaes in the light heavyweight final.

The Ultimate Fighter season 8 finals will air at 9pm EST on Dec. 13th live on Spike TV.

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  1. I'm excited to see the Burns/Johnson rematch. Some bad blood and shit talking there. I think Bader is gonna be screwed unless his stand-up is improved.










  2. i cant wait to see jonhson knock burns bitch ass out

  3. nover


    jason mc






    jake your wrong with a lot of your picks ha

  4. Nover









    Well for the eighth time

  5. As much as I hate Junie and think he is a lil punk bitch quitter I still want to see Diamond Dave Kaplan to get KO'd on live tv. Then have Joe Rogan ask if he was knocked out and then walk him through the replay so he can be like well I may have fell on my face and snored but I wasnt out. It hurt my jaw and was a good punch but I WASNT OUT OUT. Roll my eyes and laugh.

  6. Nover is to explosive he wins by KO.

  7. yeah thats true steve that would be funny too see kaplan interviewed post fight by Rogan. I can't stand Junie but his stand up has so much potential Id love to see him fight if he finally utilized his potential and got his head right.

  8. it appears i'm the only Junie fan on the face of this planet lol. I rooted for him the entire show and unfortunately he just let Efrain beat him. I wanna see the Junie from his first fight to get into the house, when he literally broke Jose mentally, not the one who wanted to quit so he wasn't embarrassed. He let his pride(or lack there of) get the best of him. If he taps into his full potential he would be a huge force in LW. Hoping someday him and Nover tee off. What a war that would be.

    Anyways mahh picks ftw(s)…

    Nover rear naked choke 1st round 4 minutes in

    Vinny at any time if he is on the ground, Bader if they go the full 3 rounds

    Call me crazy but Gouveia by Triangle 3rd round at 3:30

    A-jo TKO 2nd round @ around 2 mins.(that is if he doesn't get poked in the eye by someone haha)

    Junie (T)KO 1st round @ 4 mins in. Hopefully Junie's cardio has drastically improved(heard he is training at Xtreme Couture which is fantastic for him). If not then Kaplan will catch him in the 2nd or 3rd round TKO

    K-Sos by TKO 2nd round 2 mins in

    Roop by Uni. Decision

    Marshall by TKO first round 2:30 mins in(Why is Jules even matched with Marshall, it's quiet apparent who will win here)

    Lawlor by Uni Decision

    Those are my predictions for the fights, probably wrong with how they'll win but it would make the matches interesting

  9. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Eh…I STILL don't like Junie :(

  10. Junie..Junie..Junie

    can't stand the guy, but big improvement.

  11. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Ok…NOW I stand corrected about Vinny's chin lol

  12. chin? He didnt get hit. Curled up like a ball to protect his face. ha chump

  13. i have to agree, I only saw a couple of half blocked punches land. I thought Vinny had more then that.

  14. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Tonight's fights are making me dislike Mike Goldberg more than usual.

  15. wow junie looked so much butter and i think he just showed his real skills.. i think nover will lose and i would lose to see Nover vs Junie haha

    Kaplan doeas have a great chin but juqnie was to fast

  16. dane drebin says:

    junie looked leaps and bounds better than he did on the show

    nover was a let down the guy didnt try to sprawl at all i think we all underestimated escudero and wrongfully so

    i will say while kaplan sucked badly he had the best entrance in the ufc

    krystoff looked good in his match

    finally rumble got his redemption

    i was surprised to see mcdonald get handled like he did if wilson can make the weight 185 is defintetly where he should stay i believe him when he said he will never not make wieght again. theres no excuse for not making weight but sometimes it takes time to lose the fat. he looks flabby at 205 and i think 185 suits him well.

  17. I can't believe Vinny quit like that. Either he has a bad glass chin or he really doesn't want to get hit. Who curls up in a ball like that? At least curl up in the direction of the fighter and try to grab a leg.

    I think Johnson and Burns was the fight of the night. KO of the night too.

  18. I'm a Junie Browning fan, and tonight is the reason why I never doubted him. Everyone knew his conditioning wasn't 100% and with him training with Shawn Thompkins @ Xtreme Couture, Efrain will be a walk in the park in the rematch. I can't wait.

    You're the man Junie. Something about you stood out from the Debut of the show and tonight was the Icing on the cake brother. Well Done!

  19. dane drebin says:

    lol at efrain being a wlk in the park for junie

    beating kaplan and beating efrain are two very different things

  20. i would love to see junie vs Nover ha

    anthony looked great and i would love to see him fight someone in the top 10..

    for sure junie has some skill and talent and he see like a better person and i think he looked very good witgh his sick stand up and sick jj game

  21. Yeah, Kaplan was all talk throughout the show. His standup was absolutely horrible last night. Junie did look better, but I don't know. It kind of seemed like Efrain would get Nover to the ground and didn't really know what to do from there, and I hate that. I like to watch the ground game, but when there is not much attempt for advancing your position, or attempting a submission, I get kind of bored with it. Vinny's chin IS horrible. Hell, if you watch that replay, it didn't even look like Bader's fist actually made contact with Vinny's face.

  22. Your right Ryan, it barely made contact with the side of his head…

  23. i was impressed with junie's performance last night. he had really excellent footwork; reminds me of the current kenny florian. his BJJ looked above average as well. as for dave kaplan, i just want to see him KTFOed and then have to replayed to him at the post-interview. then he'll realize that he can get KTFO.

  24. Damn I suck at picking fights. I'm gonna sit here with my hole shut from now on.

    Or at least not make any picks.

  25. Its ok Jake no one gave Efrain a chance ever to win that fight. That was extremely surprising. This class of TUF could be close to living up to TUF 1's class.

    look at this

    Bader Kos when all is said and done

    Junie Bonnar for their MMA careers

    Vinny = Swick

    Elliot Marshall > Chris Leben

    Tom Lawlor = Bobby Southworth

    Just sayin…

  26. oh i messed up that post what i was trying to say was

    Forrest to Bader prolly give the edge to Forrest at the end of their careers

    Krystoff better career than Bonnar at the end

    Junies career will prolly look similiar to Koschecks

    Efrain similiar to diego Sanchez

    Elliot marshall better than Swick

    Tom Lawlor equal to Bobby Southworth

    Vinny better career than Leben

    Nover more potential than Flourian

    all im trying to say is that this class of TUF 8 might have the most talent of them all so far when all is said and done.

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