The Ultimate Fighter Cast Off Jeremy Jackson Charged With Multiple Felonies

Former UFC Fighter and The Ultimate Fighter Season 4 veteran Jeremy Jackson was arrested and booked in the Ventura County detention center on June 30th on multiple felony charges, including rape. Jackson’s charge include 2 counts of felony rape, 1 count of kidnapping with intent to commit a crime, 1 count of burglary, 1 assault with a firearm, 1 count of criminal threats and dissuading a witness by force or threat.

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s department, bond was set a $1,000,000. Jackson is scheduled back in court on July 16th.

Jackson was given the boot from The Ultimate Fighter reality show, after he left the house to meet a female lifeguard he met earlier that day.

Jackson was allowed to compete at the The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale, but lost to Pete Spratt by submission after suffering a neck injury.


  1. what a dumbshit.

  2. Hope you know how to defend a rear naked shank!!!!!!!!!!



  4. Holy shit! This guy is a freakin lunatic!

  5. ha crazy fuc k

  6. Thats a wrap for him. Hopefully he cleans the f up. Pops is right, In jail he better protect the rear naked everything.

  7. Wow, these guys try to prove they are good guys that just try and make a living fighting AND THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE ONE ASSHOLE TO RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE! What a joke two counts of rape, castrate this douche bag and throw him in pelican bay with some boys that are real hard(no pun intended but it worked beautifully) NO GUNS IN PRISON PUSSY!!!

  8. I'm guessing they cast him on the show so he could give the sob story about living in his car and fighting was his only shot at getting on his feet again. Now I see the guys was just a jerkoff the whole time. He is in bad situations because he makes dumb choices in life.

  9. I wonder what this does for appearances

  10. chris rea says:

    you know, this is a human being you are talking about. do you even know him? you don't know that he is guilty. this could be a woman revenge thing. it happens, you know. this boy is my nephew. he is innocent until proven guilty.

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