The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale Results Live

Tuf 7 Finale Results live

Headlining the finale of the Ultimate Fighter 7 is Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove and former middleweight champion Evan Tanner. Also featured on the card, are fighters Diego Sanchez , Josh Burkman, and Spencer Fisher.

The 3 hour finale will be broadcast live on SpikeTv starting around 9 pm EST. CageToday will have live results, including the under cards starting at 8pm EST.

Main Card

Preliminary Card


  1. kendall




    matt r



    i hope Matt brown but i dont think so


  2. Rayburn says:





    Matt R



    Matt B




  3. i agree with rayburn except i think arroyo and lister will win.

  4. I new it – Hazlett is no joke, he was winning KOS untill the end of the fight.

  5. yeah hazlett impressed me in the kos fight. i knew he would win tonight. the other fighter that impressed me was diego. i would have never thought that he would be throwing flying knees and finishing with headkicks. that was crazy. luigi it tough but diego brought it tonight.

  6. That was BS. Dolloway didnt tap. He put his hand on the guys leg but he didnt tap.

  7. Rayburn says:


    He tapped plain as day

  8. I think a tap has to be at least 2 hits. That was just one.

  9. says:

    dude u guys are rediculous why would he tap his leg… ur right one light slap on the leg could have gotten him to release the armbar. he was tapping plain as day. he wasnt getting out with a unbroken arm get over it he's lost twice to the same person by armbar. he did the exact same kind of tap in the first fight. its called a tap not a tap tap

  10. danedrebin says:

    why did it post my email that was wierd

  11. I was just on sherdog. Even they say 3 taps is in the rule book.

  12. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Didn't know how many taps it takes but I think that 1 tap was what he meant to do but then he changed his mind but he already tapped. Then he tried to play it off like he was shocked but that was obvious a tap even though it was just 1.

  13. Yeah what a prick. I think he tapped once thinking Amir would let lose and the ref wouldn't call it. Its smart and sleasy. He tried to get away with tricking Amir and it didn't work.

  14. He tapped again.

    Amir got the heart and the game to go places.

    CB is to cocky and the reason why he got armbared again. He won't be missed.

  15. You tapped CB. Plain as day and I don't hear anyone who knows anyting about MMA disputing that.

  16. kshdkjhf

  17. disregard the last bogus message… C.B. tapped!

  18. hell yeah matt brown won and same to the nightmare… i didnt get to watch it but i wish i did..

    damn CB lost gay

  19. dane drebin says:

    serious all these people saying u have to tap 3 times have obviously never grappled with submissions. i do jui jitsui and judo 4 times a week and if u so much as tap once it means stop. do u know how many fucking broken arms, torn shoulders, and hyper extended elbows there would be if u didnt let go on the first tap??? all these people saying 3 taps is the rule let me put u in an armbar and let me go as hard as i can until u tap three times and then tell me what u think the rule should be…dumbasses!

  20. naw he so tapped.. if you dont think so your a crazy i just watched it like 5 times he tapped like 4 times..

  21. Nichole Lesniak says:

    He definitely tapped….this was one fight I was happy to be wrong about!

  22. Yeah. You can't really argue it, he tapped. If you look at the angle his arm was bent at as well, it was pretty hyperextended. You know he panicked, but it looked like he acted shocked just to save face.

  23. A few things:

    1. The 3-Tap rule is only enforced in the East. Pride had this rule. The UFC does not.

    2. That being said, the 3-Tap rule is individually enforced in most gyms in the West, meaning that Dane, you attend one of the few gyms that does not officially OR silently enforce this rule.

    3. A person so much as lifting a finger in any way that does not look like an attempt to break out of the hold can be construed as a physical tap in official competition. It's the referees choice. This is why fighters do not let go when they feel a tap, they let go when the referee pries them off.

    4. Do NOT go to Sherdog forums for MMA information. The forums are filled with idiots now.

  24. why do they keep trying to push diego. the guys a chump. he never fights anyone good and theres no way he can beat gsp or even come close. he needs to move down to have any chance

  25. Matt riddle had the best super sayian hair

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