The Ultimate Fighter 11 “Liddell vs Ortiz” Commercial

SpikeTV is starting to roll out promos for the upcoming TUF 11 season which is set to debut on March 31st.


  1. I absolutely hate Tito Ortiz, but I have to admit that he is one of the best coaches from TUF. Liddell, not so good. He ranks somewhat above Shamrock.

  2. ya but if i am going to get coached by someone i would like it to be chuck rather than tito. I don't dig the run my mouth and talk alot of shit routine tito finds himself in everyday. I am more like chuck and hendo, keep talkin cause it isn't gonna matter when we get into the ring. You have to teach young guys in any sport respect for the game and your opponent and tito has neither, which may have something to do with him not winning a fight that matters in like 7 years. hes just back to sell tickets, he will be gone after he drops his next 2 or 3 fights, chuck wins via death punch in round 2.

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