The Iceman Chuck Liddell Gets Engaged

MMAMainia is reporting that Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell has proposed to his lady friend Erin Wilson and is now engaged. Congrats Chuck…

chuck liddell and girlfriend engaged

I guess their will be no more nights like this for Chuck.


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    At a boy Chuck. If these were the old gladiator days they'd have thrown women at him like this everyday just for being the badass fighter that he is!

  2. dane drebin says:

    i dont think thats far off he gets women thrown at him plenty haha

  3. Most sports figures and celebs cant keep away from girls until they are has beens. Good luck with passing up those girls Chuck. I know I don't have the willpower.

  4. Wow was that chucks future wife in the video she was getting a threesome going on. Congrats to Iceman shes a keeper!!! :)

  5. I bet as soon as he says "I do" she is going to change completely.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Probably, hope there's a prenup!

  7. thats why is game was going down and now it goigng back up because he got married

  8. Scooby Doo says:

    you can't make a ho into a wife brothers. He will come home after a fight and she will start the three some with out him. not just women.

  9. I wonder what kind of degree she has? I expected alot more from Chuck. This video turns me off. I think he is definitely distracted. He needs a woman who can grow with him and really be a good mentor for his children. This is fun if your in your 20's but how old is he?

  10. Mr. Obvious says:

    You retards that blonde in the vid isn't his finacee, it's just some random hood rat.

  11. Chuck liddell needs to dump her, and marry me. End of story;)

  12. To Erin Wilson, I ask how much for (you fill in the blank)? lOlho

  13. To Erin Wilson how much for a (you fill in the blank)?

  14. stephanie says:

    Cant you guys just be happy for the guy? geeeesh

    and you all know opinions are like assholes, we all have one just some are better than others..

    I wish him the very best in his life and career and hope to see lots more of him..

    Erin is a very attractive lady, and trust me chuck is a smart man I am sure he knows what he is doing.. I am sure she must be a wonderful person for him to choose her and they look good together and if they are in love and happy that is all that matters…

    you all get a freaken life (really!)

    sounds like all you haters just haven't found your ONE yet..

    I love you chucky..


  15. stephanie says:

    oh and I really would pay to see you punks who called his lady a Ho and asken for you know what to his face, have a little respect ya losers~!

  16. WTF stephanie? Calm the fuck down. I hope you know his wife and him in real life. If not you might want to take your meds today. Dont freak out about someone saying dumb shit. If u freak out like that about every coment you read that you dont like then stop reading stuff off the internet.

  17. dane drebin says:

    lol no shit steph you're right oppinions are like assholes some are better than others lol wtf? who made u the judge of wat makes an asshole nice? care to compare? lol

  18. stephanie says:

    LOL…. I made me the judge..

    and in my world its all that matters…

    and fyi…..I am Calm.. I just know I am a HUGE fan of Chuck's and he is!!! the reason I started watching UFC and continue to do so…

    and you damn right I will defend him to you, the rest of the world and even my husband… (you got a favorite sports team?) ya exactly… no differance really.

    LOL wanna wrestle bout it? eeh.

  19. if your hot i will wrestle you.

  20. Your seriously arguing over the most over rated fighter in UFC history? what a joke, congrats to chuck though, he was an entertaining fighter up and till better skilled and harder hitting fighters came around and rocked his world. Chuck will always be a controversial but overated in my opinion all he has is stand up and that really isnt that great as he relies solely on his wild swings and takedown defense which as of now doesnt win you fights alone at least not like it used to. he has like 4 or 5 losses in his last 7 fights….lets see if he can get back on a winning streak.

  21. He's only lost 3 of his last 11 fights, granted those 3 were in the last 4 bouts, but still. Everyone goes through a slump. Everyone has to change up their game at some point. I don't think we can really judge him like that until we see if he evolves. And damn, stephanie likes Liddell. Fuck off. Why does she have to justify herself? I think he is a good striker, but I don't personally like his style.

  22. dane drebin says:

    tim no disrespect but how do u know that chuck lidell only has standup? he never gets taken down so we never see his ground game and kudos to him for being able to stuff almost everyones takedowns. the guy is 39. He's not over rated he just got old give the guy a break bnot everyones randy couture.

  23. it will be franklin vs liddell next if they both win there next fights

  24. dane drebin says:

    that would be a sick fight that i would like to see. i kinda wanna see franklin vs rashad if rashad loses his title… wasnt franklin rashads coach on the ultimate fighter? i also wanna see chuck vs griffin.

  25. stephanie says:


    Throughout his UFC career, Chuck has been one of the "most" popular fighters in the organization and one of its biggest draws. He has been featured on the main event or co-main event of """every""" UFC card he's competed on, dating back to UFC 37. Chuck was featured in the co-main event of UFC 40, UFC 49, and UFC 79, respectively. This makes a span of being in the main event or co-main event of 14 fights, a run that has lasted for just over 6 years as of September, 2008. The """only""" UFC fighter who can match this total is Randy Couture, who has 13 main events and 1 co-main event to his credit.

    and might I remind you of how many times did chuck ko and tko him??

    Chuck Liddell has also competed on some of the organization's """most""" lucrative cards, such as UFC 66 (1,050,000 buys; $5,397,300 gate), UFC 71 (675,000 buys; $4,304,000 gate), and UFC 79 (700,000 buys; $4,994,000 gate). These pay-per-view numbers rank, #1, #3, and #4-#5 respectively on the UFC's all-time totals.


    These pay-per-view numbers rank, #1, #3, and #4-#5 respectively on the UFC's all-time totals.

    These events also generated three of the five highest grossing gate totals in UFC history.

    Overrated LOL….. please!

    and ground game hey….the only ground game he needs is when he knocks them to the ground… sheeeesh…

    bring it on and I will back it up….

    and I do like to wrestle…

  26. stephanie says:

    For two years, Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell reigned as the UFC light heavyweight champion. The sport's first breakout star, he is considered the face of Mixed Martial Arts to millions of fans worldwide.

  27. Chuck is on the same par as Rampage and Rashad standing huh. Then how come he got KO'd by both of them? His stand up is overrated and he is being exposed. Name the best striker Chuck has beaten. Wanderlei? Wand throws like a wildman and he isnt the same fighter he was in pride. I just dont think Chuck is what many call one of the best strikers.

  28. Chuck did great against the fighters the UFC gave him to fight. Meaning he did good against guys who dont have that great of a stand up game. Most the guys he fought were ground fighters and were scared to strike. But now he is being forced to fight people who arent scared and can stand and bang. Stephanie I know your a huge fan but Chuck is like Matt Hughes. He is just getting outclassed by the well rounded guys that are at the top now a days. It would be best if Chuck put that wrestling to use in some of his matches and learned not to keep his hands below his waist. Not evolving your fighting style is never the way to go.

  29. this is an article about chuck getting a lap dance. Funny how that turns into other things completely, eh? I personally think that chuck has hit a slump in his career, and that’s put a damper on his confidence, I don’t blame him for losing to Rampage or Evans, as they are really great fighters and they are strikers on the same par as Chuck. I definitely think he should have done better vs jardine, however. And he shouldn’t have gotten impatient vs Evans. I do think he will win against Shogun though, because shogun wants to go to the ground, and let’s see a tally of how many times chuck’s gone to the mats in the last 5-6 years.

  30. i dont think Chuck "The Ice Man" liddell is over rated. if u look at from this point of view he 39 years old thats old for fighting. He's fighting style is great i love how he fights. i think he was of the best strikers. lol i couldnt help but to look upp and see what steve said. i bet if chuck liddell was younger i bet he would have knocked out rashad evans end of story. rampage is one bad ass fighter thats what i have to say about that fight. if u wanna talk about over rated i think rashad evans is over rated. but then i again i dont like rashard evans so i could jus be saying because i dont like him. if he beats rampage then i will think of him not over rated.

  31. hey steve so what ur trying to say is RandyCouture is a pussy? Chuck "The Ice Man" Liddell beat RandyCouture 2 times and RandyCouture is know for hes striking.

  32. I don't think Chuck is overrated, I think he is just old. Tyler is right, 39 is old for fighting and I don't think time is being as good to him as it is to Couture. Chuck has beaten people like Tito and Couture twice, even though Tito is the greatest standup fighter, but he's still good, and Vitor.

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