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Coach Greg Jackson not only won “Coach of the Year” at the MMA Awards, but he also landed TUF 14 finalists John Dodson & Diego Brandao.


  1. Dodson was on Miller's team, wasn't he? I know he was a traitor, but I think he's Team Orange, officially.

    By the way…Thanks Spike and UFC for ruining the show by telling us who won in the promos to hype the finale. Great TV there.

  2. CuttinCutty says:

    I'm not sure you want to be known as the TUF rat.

  3. Good thing I didn't watch the promo's I didn't know Spike tried to screw them. I was surprised that the last episode was so good, I thought Spike might try to screw with the editing.

    Dodson is a good guy, he used to lead training at Jackson's. His problem is that he is all about Team Jackson so he was loyal to Diego Brandao and it went from there. You can't expect a guy to change and ignore his friend for the three or four weeks he was on the show. Besides, you're going to end up fighting your teammates anyway.

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