Sunday Morning MMA: Sokoudjou Dropped, Bigfoot Fled, Cro Cop Disappoints


  1. Lots more cuts to come by the UFC but is it Economy? or making room for new fighters? or just the natural order of things?

  2. getting rid of dead weight as i see it

  3. Yeah but whodini, if they cut everyone whose lost a couple of fights there wont be anyone left to fight.

    Next we'll hear that keith jardine, brandon vera, and maybe even chuch liddell were cut too.

  4. Brandon needs to go anyway……..Sokoudjou needed to go also,,never did like him.. ok…. getting rid of boring fighters…ones you dont want to see get beat up again like Jens Pulver

  5. CroCop thinks he's a diva. Fucker should be on desperate housewives not a fucking fighter. Somebody make him go away.

  6. he kinda ran away after his last ass kicking in the ufc

  7. i can't wait for ufn17 becauze neer vs mac, joe vs fronka

  8. I agree that Sokoudjou should have been cut. He was mostly hype, he had 2 impressive winns in PRIDE and came to the UFC too early. He is still very young so i would expect him to be back in a few years after he has got a bit more experience.

    Cro Cop has lost his spirit in my opinion, the way the last fight was going Overeem was on his way to a comfortable win.

    And has anyone else noticed how much bigger Alistair Overeem has got since just a few years ago when he was in the PRIDE middleweight Grand Prix?

  9. wow thats a lot to take in. i know soku has lost 2 of 3 but i didn't think they would drop him. i dont know whats up with cro cop and him refusing to sign is really disappointing. i was kinda looking forward to that match.

  10. dane drebin says:

    i think soko should have gotten one more chance i mean he hasnt had very many fights they shouldnt judge him so hard for losing to arguably the best in 205 lyoto and someone who a few years from now might be considered one of teh best aswell.

  11. kinda weird about cro cop. it seems like he may be on his way down like chuck. I would like to see both of these guys start knocking ppl out again. I love their highlight reels.

  12. i agree dane i think he faced 2 of the better fighters in the ufc in those loses so its hard to judge him he is young and i think he will be back in a year or so.

  13. Soku was cut b/c he wants a lot of money and he thinks he should be fighting the better fighters but when he does he doesnt show up for the fights ready to go to war. He is young and he obviously needs some more experience in the cage to learn about how to pace yourself and calm your nerves. He will be back but it is definelty best for him to fight some lower level fighters and build in cofidence and skills back up. Chuck will not get cut from the UFC ever and as far a Luiz Cane being a future top contender not to sure about that. He seems to technical to me. Sorta like Nate Quarry. Cro Cop like you guys said doesnt have the killer instinct. Sometimes when u get knocked down people dont get up and go at it like they should have. Obviously Cro Cop has lost confidence and not only that but he has lost a mental edge on his opponents. They dont fear him and just like chuck once ppl stop fearing what u can do to them and try and do it to you its hard to be successful with the same sytle. Cro Cop has no ground game and Overeem would have smashed him the second time if they fought anyways and Cro Cop knew that. I am sick of Cro Cop really. Overeem should be signed by the UFC. He could take out a lot of the guys in the HW division and is a very exciting fighter. Yeah he has gotten bigger but he is more suited for HW. The cut in weight made him weaker and for some reason affected his cardio which is why he lost a lot of his fights including the fight with Liddell.

  14. I agree Steve. Soku has to find a way to maintain his intensity more than 1 round or change his style. I don't think he trains his cardio well enough for the competition he must face. Overeem would be a perfect fit in the UFC at heavy. He is a completely different fighter at heavy. His style is exciting and the USA mma fans would love him for it. Imagine a Liddell rematch at heavy..

  15. That would be a good fight. I think Overeem would be too stong for Chuck now. I dont understand why UFC didn't sign Alistair when they purchased PRIDE he has amazing muay thai and has a good guilotine choke i think he won like 6 fights in a row with that submission.

  16. Overeem might be one of many guys the ufc is clearing out space and or salary $$$ for? Just a thought, but why else would they clear out THESE guys specificly when they could at least get a few more good fights from them, win OR lose? Zuffa and Dana are notorious for pulling amazing stuff outta nowhere…it wouldn't surprise me to hear something in the next few weeks noone expected them to land…and, they kinda have to. Affliction isn't gonna let up any time soon, and Dana gets very cutthroat when competing in business. And yes,(cutthroat = douche)

  17. i like to watch overeems fights but he seems to lose in the big fights a win over cro cop is nice but its not the same cro cop, allister is doing what he should be doing beating the lower comp. but i don't know if he would beat any of the top guys. i would love to see him in the ufc though and i think he could beat alot of guys there i hear he may be fighting sergie again at dream and i don't know if he will win that fight.

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