Strikefore At The Dome Weigh-In Results

strikeforce at the dome

Strikeforce: “At The Dome” take place Saturday February 23 from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.

You can watch the Strikeforce event live on HDNet starting at 10:30 EST.

Main Card

Bob Sapp (356 lbs.) vs. Jan Nortje(333 lbs.)
Joe Riggs (184 lbs.) vs. Cory Devela (184 lbs.)
Maurice Smith (235 lbs.) vs. Rick Roufus (207 lbs.)
Steve Berger (172 lbs.) vs. Eddy Ellis (168 lbs.)
Jorge Masvidal (159 lbs.) vs. Ryan Healy (158 lbs.)
Mychal Clark (224 lbs.) vs. Josh Bennett (259 lbs.)
Ray Perales(170 lbs.) vs. Lyle Beerbohm (168 lbs.)
Matt Kovak (244 lbs.) vs. Mike Hayes (230 lbs.)
Scott Shaffer (144 lbs.) vs. Zach Skinner (143 lbs.)
Dave Courchaine (168 lbs.) vs. Nathan Coy (170 lbs.)


  1. Wow, Sapp and Nortje are some huge guys. I like how HDNet, Elite, and M1 are teaming up on these promotions. I need to update my cable to get HDNet because I want to see these shows.

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