Strikeforce Shamrock vs. Le Fighter Payouts

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Quick Results of last weekends Strikeforce Shamrock vs. Le show on Showtime.

Fighter Payouts

Frank Shamrock: $300,000 ( fight $300,000)
Cung Le: $200,000 ( fight $200,000)
Gilbert Melendez: $50,000 ( fight $50,000)
Joey Villasenor: $36,000 ( fight $18,000, win $18,000
Wayne Cole: $10,000 ( fight $5,000, win $5,000)
Drew Fickett: $10,000 ( fight $5,000, win $5,000)
Mike Kyle: $10,000
Gabe Lemley: $7,000
Jae Suk Lim: $3,000
Ryan Jensen: $6,000
Billy Evangelista: $10,000 ( fight $5,000, win $5,000)
Tiki Ghosn: $8,000 ( fight $2,000, win $2,000)
Luke Stewart: $6,000
Darren Uyenoyama: $4,000 ( fight $2,000 , win $2,000)
Marlon Sims: $2,500
Jesse Jones: $2,150 (fight $1,650, win $500)
Anthony Figueroa: $2,000
Jesse Gillespie: $1,200

Total Payout: $667,850

California State Athletic Commission figures via MMAWeekly


  1. wow cung and shamrock got paid well. shamrock, i'm sure, got paid more after he cashed in on betting on himself to lose and then taking the dive. i feel bad for everybody else on the card that only make a couple Gs… especially jesse gillespie since $1200 (before tax) would pretty much cover hospital costs, plane tickets, gym fees, and paying his trainer.

  2. i can't be lieve marlon simms…the greatest street fighter in the world…was only paid 2,500 fight and lose…again.

  3. It's interesting that there were no win bonuses for Shamrock or Le. I think that and "fight of the night" bonuses are good. More motivation to go at it, rather than dance out a victory.

  4. well if i were fighting $300K for 10 minutes of fight, i wouldn't complain. that's already more than what anderson silva is making per fight.

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