Strikeforce “Payback” Officially Announced

strikeforce payback

Strikeforce announces Strikeforce “Payback” on October 4 from the Broomfield Events center in Bloomfield, CO.


Duane Ludwig vs. Sam Morgan
Frank Trigg vs. Phil Baroni

Tickets can be purchased now at, use password PAYBACK


  1. dane drebin says:

    what weight are trigg and baroni fighting at? 70 or 85?

  2. I think they are fighting at 170 but im really not sure. Either way I dont think it matters with these 2.

  3. I hope Morgan knocks Bam out , AGAIN.

    The Trigg/Baroni fight should be a loser leaves MMA match. Then they both would have to go. Hahaha

  4. Ya im going to say that trigg and baroni need to hook up with tito and start over the hill fight promotion, the games passed you by boys hang it up.

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