Strikeforce “Fedor vs. Werdum” Results LIVE

Strikeforce once again welcomes the “Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko to US soil to face Fabricio Werdum at Strikeforce “Fedor vs Werdum” live June 26th from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA. In the co-main event Cris Cyborg Santos defends her Strikeforce women’s title against challenger Jan Finney.

The show gets underway at 10 EST on Showtime.



  • Chris Cope vs. Ron Keslar
  • Bret Bergmark vs. Vagner Rocha
    Result: Bret Bergmark defeats Vagner Rocha via unanimous decision. (29-28, 30-27, 30-26)
  • Gareth Joseph vs. Yancey Medeiros
    Result: Yancey Medeiros defeats Gareth Joseph via KO (punches) at 1:19 of R2.
  • Derrick Burnsed vs. Bobby Stack
    Result: Bobby Stack defeats Derrick Burnsed via split decision. (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Event Notes

  • It was announced that former Strikeforce champion Frank Shamrock will enter the cage tonight to make a “Special Announcement”.
  • Cyborg (+2000) vs Finney (-650) betting odds prior to fight.
  • Frank Shamrock RETIRES!
  • “The one who doesn’t fall doesn’t stand up” – Fedor
  • Live Gate: $1,066,000


  1. HOLY CRAP!!! Fedor dropped him and got too aggresive!!! WOW! You knew it would happen eventually!

  2. Randall says:

    FEDOR LOST!!!!!!!

  3. didnt see that coming, thought thomson/healy fight was very good, cyborg fight was entertaining, finney is a tough ass chick

  4. I love that that just happened

  5. we'll see how great he really is by how he makes a comeback. If he makes a comeback. Or when he makes a comeback.

    Someone please check Cyborg for a weinershnetzel. She simply cannot be a woman.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Guess isn't ranked #1 anymore. lol I am a Fedor fan but I'm glad he lost because I didn't like him not coming to the UFC. Now Dana won't want him.

  7. He got caught, humble in defeat.

  8. wow. i thought werdum would have to work harder to submit fedor because he's so active with ground n pound. getting submitted by a former bjj champ is not anything to hang your head on but how easy it was surprised me. i think if brock loses to carwin fedor will still be ranked #1.

  9. Dana won't want him…this is the stuff that shows what kind of minds post here….that's hilarious Gobblecock. Put it this way, if that were true, then Dana would have gave up on Lesnar after he was sub'ed in one of his first fights. That was Fedor's first loss – it had to happen eventually. But lets not go overboard with regard to eliminating his value to the sport.

  10. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Believe it or not I'm actually a Fedor fan and it kinda sucked to see him lose and I liked how he handled it but I hated how he didn’t come to the UFC and hated people who thought he was unstoppable.

  11. 10inchWang says:

    Cyborg is top 10 P4P in the mens 155lb division.

    Please if you think Fedor isn't still the #1 heavyweight you are on crack.

    He might have to step down a couple notches in the P4P rankings.

  12. 10inchWang says:

    If you think Brock is #1, you are sadly ignorant of our sport. Let him beat Carwin and Dos Santos, then we talk. Great night of fights.

  13. Yeah, I agree cyborg is in the top 10 p4p. she's a beast. if brock wins though, he's going to take the #1 heavyweight spot.

  14. What Fedor fans? Where you guys at?? Fedor still be ranked #1 if Lesnar loses, lol yeah right. Keep dreaming. Wouldn't Carwin be #1 if he beats Lesnar?

    I have been waiting for this moment for years and it has finally come. Don't get me wrong, Fedor isn't a bad guy except he is like the Mayweather of MMA but I am just happy that you Fedor fans can finally STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. David…there are 13 other posts on here. The Fedor fans aren't gone. Anybody who knows fighting understood that this would happen eventually but you said it yourself, we have all waited for years for this to happen. Specifically ten! That's a record that will never be broken in the HW division. You UFC only guys are so hard on a Fedor who hadn't lost in ten years but you think that Lesanr who is 4-1 is a god. So funny. Just be an MMA fan and stop embarrassing yourself.

  16. Fedor got caught in a BS submission. Carwin can't take the top spot after that kind of loss. Brocks not a better fighter but 100 percent he takes the top spot if he wins. Carwin will have to trainroll Brock to get the top heavyweight title. He's got half the experience of Fedor.

  17. Fedor made a careless mistke and went to the ground to early with a world class BJJ guy. Werdum had the perfect startgey. They werent sweaty and tired and it was realtively easy to loock that sub in for werdum. Dont you guys agree that fedor shluld have stood back up and waited till the later rounds to go to the ground??

  18. Dana White sent this via twitter, right after Fedor's loss…

    : D

  19. LOL, I love how you think I'm a UFC only fan and then start talking shit about Brock like I am a huge fan. Fact of the matter is, you don't know shit about me but you are already labeling me as something I'm not, so you sir should stop embarrassing yourself! I'm not even an anti-Fedor guy but I just hate all you Fedor fans that talk all your smack. Fedor IS great, but you gotta look at both sides and speak the truth. For years, he has not been fighting the top competition and yet you guys STILL defend him. I understand, cause you guys are fans but don't be that naive. Fedor is already humble, so you guys should take a lesson from your idol.

    Hey Mikey, if Carwin beats Brock, (doesn't matter if he steamrolls him or takes the decision, a win is a win) then don't be surprised if he does take the #1 spot. I'm not a Carwin fan but that's what will happen cuz Brock is at the #2 hole before tonight. You must be out of your mind if Fedor is still #1 if Lesnar loses to Carwin. BTW I am a big JDS fan and even I know he has to prove himself on the ground before challenging Brock. It is what it is man but you can put me down as a Werdum fan now!

  20. yeah, fedor should have stood it back up. werdum is not on his level striking.

  21. David if you're right about Carwin taking the top spot if he beats Lesnar I'd be pissed. Not that he's not a great fighter…all wins and all in the first round. Damn. But I don't think he's beat the level of competition and definitely doesn't have streak that Fedor had. If he's considered the top HW in a week or two I'll be here to eat my words. But he won't win and he won't be top heavyweight.

  22. I'm not sayin carwin is better than fedor but if he beats brock, who else would be #1? Rankings are take into acct recent activity. But trust me, if by some werdum miracle he beats lesnar, you better believe that he will be ranked ahead of fedor.

  23. I'm not shocked. This is the beauty of this sport that on any given night at this level anybody can get caught. Fedor had a chance after that first escape and should have stood it up. But I guess Fedor underestimated werdums ground game or he thought that he was too good and werdum wont be a threat to him on the ground.

  24. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Dave… slow your roll man. Just saw your post and you can't claim that Dana will try hard for Fedor now. Maybe people look at you and laugh about the type of guy who posts here.

  25. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    What I'm worried about is if sites are stupid enough to try and list Werdum at #1 when it wasn't too long ago when JDS KOd him in the 1st and he's hasn't lost since. He shouldn't be ranked above him IMO. Let alone at #1. The winner of Carwin/Lesnar was rumored to be #1 ranked on most sites even if Fedor won.

  26. Fabricio Werdum just made my year. And who the fuck cares about these imaginary rankings that everyone is always talking about, if all the top guys faught each other all the time in their primes, it would matter, but since that will never happen (thank you fedor) its not really worth 25 posts of whos number one…

  27. This has to be the upset of the year… Fedor was very sloppy when he was trying to finish the fight there and allowed himself to get caught, hopefully for his last fight he does it properly (i wouldnt be surprised if he retires after his next fight). Props to Werdum though, he executed his gameplan minus getting clocked of course. Good luck to him cause he's gonna need it against overeem.

  28. Muay Thai says:

    Wow I've thought for quite a while that Fedor hasn't been fighting top ranked guys and that he shouldn't be the number 1 heavyweight for lack of elite competition. Now I finally get to say it……..FUCK YOU FEDOR FANS HAHAHA……Finally this piece of shit lost and we dont have to talk about him anymore. He hasn't fought anyone really solid since 2005 and he's still number 1 somehow. Finally someone is going to be ranked number 1 that wants to fight the top competition.


    wow…never thought I would say this, especially after a defeat, Fedor actually impressed me. Not with his ability, but he actually seemed hungry. Werdum wasn't hit though, if you watch it again, he was scrambling and going back, tripped on his way. Still, Fedor had him scrambling and going backwards immediately. That was more impressive than the first ground he had against Rogers, who gave him that new nose he was sporting. Btw, Mikey, all our favorites fall at somepoint, but to say that it was a bs submission is retarded. He had him in a triangle AND an armbar, and was Waiting for him to reach in. Your argument about Carwin getting a number one ranking being bogus due to lack of quality victories…ummm….have you seen who Fedors last three opponents were?…come on, man…get off those nuts.

  30. Its been a long time since i posted and to be very strait and to the point…here is a cut out from an article on Yahoo MMA that i fully agree with, Fedor earned my respect even in defeat by his post fight comments. The last paragragh is my favorite and remember lesnar isnt as experienced but is one fucking scary fighter.

    –For the promotional parties involved (Strikeforce, Showtime, Emelianenko’s handlers in M-1 Global and possibly even CBS), the question becomes what to do next. The most anticipated potential match in the promotion was Alistair Overeem defending the Strikeforce title against Emelianenko, provided the latter won Saturday. Doing that match anytime soon would seem out of the question.

    So do you go with Overeem defending against Werdum or a Werdum vs. Emelianenko rematch, with the winner then facing Overeem? As an added twist, Werdum defeated Overeem via submission with a Kimura on May 5, 2006, although that was an Overeem who was more than 25 pounds lighter than this year’s model.

    Of the three, Emelianenko still is going to be the biggest business draw by far, so the best business would be the rematch, and whoever wins that gets the shot at Overeem.

    Emelianenko’s loss would seem to make Saturday’s Brock Lesnar-Shane Carwin UFC heavyweight title match in Las Vegas a battle for the No. 1 heavyweight position. Overeem has looked impressive in his recent series of quick wins, but the toughest guy he has beaten under MMA rules was Brett Rogers.

    Werdum has had three wins since being let go by the UFC. Before Saturday night, he scored a victory against journeyman Mike Kyle and a three-round decision where he recovered from an early disadvantage to beat Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, a strong second-tier heavyweight.

    Emelianenko’s loss goes beyond the effect on rankings and goes straight at the power structure of the sport. The UFC deals most of the cards, but M-1 Global had quite a bit of power because of the perception by many of Emelianenko as the best heavyweight fighter. They used that to leverage major demands for years and turned down major UFC money offers in asking for co-promotional rights, which UFC would not agree to.

    Strikeforce, looking to make its place as a strong No. 2 group on the worldwide scene, made the deal with Emelianenko and M-1 when UFC couldn’t seal the deal last summer. But whatever M-1’s leverage might have been in playing both sides when his Strikeforce contract expires after the next fight went down considerably with the loss.

    Even if he were to face Werdum next and beat him impressively, and he still would make for intriguing fights against UFC heavyweights, M-1 has lost leverage. It is doubtful UFC would be willing to offer the kind of money it would have if Saturday’s result had not happened.

    An Emelianenko vs. Werdum rematch would be significantly bigger than the first match, but Emelianenko’s appeal was based both on the aura of invincibility he had and the mystique surrounding it. The nature of the loss doesn’t indicate that he’s washed up or even slipped, as he rocked Werdum hard with the opening barrage.

    **In fact, in many ways, the finish was the experienced fighter’s version of the rookie mistake Lesnar made in his 2007 loss to Frank Mir, a fight when he rocked Mir, made a mental lapse and got caught in a submission. Lesnar dominated that rematch and at least until Saturday is now the top heavyweight in the game.

  31. Dana White says:

    I am soooo glad I didn't pay that guy the highest offer in MMA Hstory. Can you believe how much I offered him? It was like the A-Rod deal of the MMA. Wow.

    I think I'll buy myself a $450,000 Ferrari California for 1/70th of the dollars I had offered Fedor for a few fights.

    Remind me to send M-1 a fruit basket for turning down my multiple offers.

  32. Amusing, but all it means is that his P4P ranking will change, he's still a top 10 contender and still has one of the best records of all time, although I imagine that Coker is hugely disappointed, and M1 have to know that they badly dropped the ball. I doubt Fedor will go through the same paces as Cro Cop, I think he's still excellent.


    Thanks Tim, that's the caliber of posts we use to constantlyhave and be able to debate on here. Like I said, I am probably one off the harshest Fedor critics here, but I have to admt it, I felt that Fedor was truly hungry and had a bit of the fire back he had been missing. I think that's what Werdum saw and why he was running in reverse to get away from those overhand rights and lefts. Unfortunately, its also that hunger that Werdum was able to use, allowing Fedor too make a passionate mistake. I will be terribly surprised if this hasn't served to seriously whet Fedors appetite and spur him on to return hungry, and newly-Un afraid to try to take out true top level contenders. Ironically, this loss may have simultaneously cost him his biggest bargaining chip as well as made him alot more dangerous now with nothing left to lose…mark my words, here and now, if that happens,I will change the name I post back to mw55 and will diss Fedor no more.

  34. Here's my prediction. Werdum fights Overeem.

    Fedor fights Werdum again whether Werdum beats Overeem or not..

    Fair? no, but I'm betting that's the way things will play out anyway.

  35. Of course ReBoot or CobraClutch or Cage whatever you are calling yourself now, you are right. Coker has to make the financial decsions that will pay off spending so much on Fedor in the first place. Regardless of his loss he'll still go on to fight the Money bout. It's just business as usual.

  36. Fedor was never number one p4p ive been saying it for years. Its just like when people thought migel torres was p4p and faber also eddie alvares. The fighters i named are good fighters put being a true p4p fighters is rare and mma fans are making it 2 common. True p4p fighters are Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and great boxers like floyd mayweather and joe calzaghe. Fedor is good but he would lose to fighters like brock, carwin, and jr dos santos. I know fedor fans dont want to believe it, i didnt want to believe shogun ko over machida but its reality!

  37. Nope, I'm not any of those guys, or that one guy?

  38. I actually think that Fedor will come back even hungrier than ever. I think Wedum woke up a monster.

    I'm not the biggest Fedor fan but I am very interested to see him fight again just to see how he comes back. This may have been the best thing to happen to strikeforce.

    And I know it would never happen but I'd love to see fedor cut 20 lbs and fight at 205. He came into this fight at 229 and a chubby 229 at that.

    I also think he should have stood back up. It would have been a different story.

  39. For years I have been trying to figure out why so called "MMA Fans" get so involved with Dana Whites' politics. I can see why HE talks sh#t on other fighters and organizations but how can YOU be an MMA fan and not love a fighter who hasn't lost for ten years (especially a HW). In that time he not only has beat countless UFC champs but he has done it while usually weighing at least 30 pounds less. So if you want to know why I call Afraidor and Gobblecock 'UFC only fans' it's becuase I don't understand why else they constantly ridicule every other fighter and promotion that is not the UFC. Who cares that they didn't sign with the aerobics instructor – it's still fighting, right? Quit being such sheep.

  40. fedors run in pride was very impressive beating guys like big nog and cro cop in their prime. It's who fedor fought after pride that brings him down. Yeah he beat ufc champs that are all washed up or past their prime while waiting for other current champs lose to legit competition. You can't tell me fighting matt lindland, hong man choi, were competitve fights. I mean cmon man. That's when I started to turn away from him. It's like mayweather who is 40 something and 0, but tell me all the fighters that are actually relevant. Same thing w fedor. Like I said he's still a great fighter and guy but werdum was ranked 9? And yes rankings do matter if you claim he's the best p4p fighter in the world. Fedor even said he is glad he lost cuz now ppl will not portray him as a god. Even he wanted his fans to chill the fuck out. I don't hate fedor but I hate his fans!!! If he signs w the ufc I'll be rootin for him but not with you fedor nuthuggers who turn the other cheek with his shortcomings. I'll keep it real like most mma fans

  41. Affraidor Millionair says:

    Dave, you Obviously don't pay close attention to my posts, bro. While I may tout ufc as having More and Higher caliber fighters, I Never have ridiculed any organization for not being ufc. On the contrary, I have given much props to Mousasi, Overeem, Sheilds and Cung Le, to name a few. I also have thought Coker to be a wise businessman by not trying to replace or take out zuffa, but instead, to serve as the Pepsi (or RC cola) to the ufc's Coke.The only knock I held against Fedor was his seeming lack of intensity or fire which made him so scary in Pride days. As well as his pitiful hands in the air approach to anything he "couldn't" get done bec ause M-1 had final say. We all know he has more pull than he lets on. Btw, check out posts 29 & 33 for a little fact checking.

  42. david Says: It’s like mayweather who is 40 something and 0, but tell me all the fighters that are actually relevant.

    These are all relevant fighters:

    Tony Pep, Genaro Hernandez, Angel Manfredy, Carlos Gerena, Gregorio Vargas, Diego Corrales, Carlos Hernández, Jesús Chávez, José Luis Castillo, Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley

    Lets not compare Fedor to Mayweather.

  43. Fedor believed so much in his power, when an opponent goes down, he assumes they are hurt. You could tell Werdum still had his composure, to stay in Werdums guard wildly swinging like that, there was only gonna be one outcome. Quite a big mistake for someone with Fedor's experience. He thought he hurt Werdum, jumped in and payed the price.

  44. troll, only 7 or 8 guys are relevant with 2 of those this past yr. If you know mayweather he's been avoiding fighters his whole life. Then he fights a mosley that is past his prime. Why didn't he fight him yrs ago? Cuz mosley was in his prime. If he steps up to fight pac then yeah he has some balls but till then he does chicken right.

  45. And the argument continues and will continue to continue.

    Fedor, Overeem, Lesnar, Carwin, Nelson, etc.

    There are lots of good matchups still to come thanks to StrikeForce, UFC, Dream, etc.


  46. @ david:

    I respect your opinion but a lot of those guys where very good fighters fought in there prime. I think De La Hoya was past his prime too but both he and mosley could still beat most top ranked competitors at that time.

    Unlike Brock Lesner who has a few MMA fights.

    Boxing is a different sport all together that I believe is much more competitive then MMA. Those fighters I've metioned have had a 100 amature fights or more. Are national champions, represented there country in Olympics, multiple title holders.

    I was not much of a Mayweather fan but I just Think he has proven to be at another level time and time again.

    I'm still going to root for Pac-Man.

  47. Troll, you bring up some good points and you're right de la hoya and mosley can still beat a lot of guys but like you said they are past their prime. I'm not saying Mayweather isn't a good fighter, he's a great fighter and one of the best but I tend to respect fighters who not only want but do whatever they can to fight the best fighters in the world. And that goes for both sports. I'm not gonna say that Fedor and Mayweather are scared to fight the best fighters but looking at their track record, it would suggest that they really don't want to fight the best and will fight past champs that are past their prime.

    Boxing and MMA are different, I like them both in their own ways and I believe they are both competitive in their won way. I brought up boxing to relate Fedor's track record to Mayweather's.

    Going back to MMA, you can't hold it against Brock for only having 5 fights in MMA. He told the UFC that when he started (1-0) he wanted to fight the best. He goes in there against Frank Mir! Fights an easier fight against Herring to prove himself, and then Bam legend Randy Couture. He then goes on to avenge his loss against Mir and is now fighting a top 3 or top 5 HW in Carwin. No matter how anyone feels bout Brock, you have to respect that he is here to fight the best and that's all you can really ask for as an MMA fan.

  48. I felt the same way you did about Mayweahter. I'm still not a big fan. I think I came around after he fought Juan Manuel Marquez. Although Marquez came up from a lighter division, he fought a very close fight with Manny Pacquiao. And Mayweather easily beat him his first fight out of retirement.

    I agree about Brock Lesner. How could you not respect a guy that was a NCAA wrestling champion.

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