Strikeforce “Fedor vs Rogers” Results LIVE

fedor emelienko vs brett rogers

Strikeforce “Fedor vs Rogers” – Nov. 7 from the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, IL. “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko (30-1) takes on undefeated Brett Rogers (10-0) in the nights main event. Also, Jake Shields will take on Jason Mayhem Miller for the vacated Strikeforce middleweight belt.

The CBS broadcast starts at 9:00 PM EST (Prelims start around at 7:00 PM EST)


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  • Strikeforce officially announces Cung Le vs. Scott Smith during tonights event.
  • Strikeforce announces that the event is sold out with an attendance of 14,555
  • Deray Davis vs. Mark Miller fight was skipped to make time for the live CBS card.
  • A first look at EA MMA 2010 was debuted. Video can be seen below. Props: UrDirt


  1. pretty good figts was glad not to hear Joe Rogan scream whoaa !!! or oww !!! every time some lands a leg kick.. and has Suko ver made it out of the secomd round always seems like he dies … he kight as well just one round fights lol…and you'all must have been up all night typing your little rants above there

  2. WAR SHOGUN says:

    I prefer hearing Joe Rogan than those morons they hve for commentators.. they suck ass. And people saying "I told you Fedor was the best" c'mon! you cant say that After a win over Brett Rogers… Whats wrong with you. Fedor didint prove anything, he just looked like an average fighter who won with a wild punch. You cant deny that if Fedor fighted that way with Lesnar, Lesnar wolud have destroyed him on the clinch and ground and pound the hell out of him. I dont think Fedor could armbar him I mean look at Brock! c'mon! he couldnt armbar ROGERS… And someone said that Fedor would take Brock down well that just delusional. You people act like Fedor is Jesus or something he didint look impresive to me.

  3. well i guess fedor seems to always get a lucky hit aint that right #51 sike bitch fedor is the best !!! i have seen him get the shit beat out of him and still win. that fight want shit for him he waited for his chance to do what he dose best.he will loose one day but not know if fedor was to fight brock and win all yall bullshiters would still come up with some bullshit like #51 it was a lucky shot!if thats luck he must have a horseshoe up his ass but i can here #51 saying brock will pull it out but it want happen brock is to hyper and dumb. brock will loose oneday but its hard to beat a man when he only fights once a year ha ha

  4. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Exactly its hard to loose when you fight once a year… When do you think Fedor is fighting again? jajaja there's no one out there for him. I prefer to see someone fight a great opponent once a year than seeing someone fight cans all year! And I didint say he threw a lucky punch… All I said is that he threw a lot of WILD punches, when you compare his striking whit Anderson's he doesn't look very technical yet very effective I give you that. Anyway…. lets stop this bullshit guys Fedor vs Brock is NEVER going to happend same thing happened with Randy. Guess Fedor's MANAGEMENT DOES A GOOD JOB ON ENSURING Fedor FIGHTS someone that cant win against him.

  5. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Oh and its not like Brock is out there doing movies and stuff he has mono… dude thats no joke. He wanted to fightlike 3 or 4 times a year, and he wanted to fight the best of the best. You have to admire that. Its not his fault he got sick.

  6. Oh I don't think you can call that punch wild. Everything else was wide looping hooks and that one came straight from his shoulder. That was power. I think Mikey said it best about Fedor and Lesnar. Fedor would take Lesnar now, but give Lesnar time to become an actual MMA fighter and he will win. Lesnar is still wet behind the ears. But Fedor is great at finding your flaw and exploiting it. What he did to Rogers he could also do to Lesnar and his experience in judo could put him in the positions he wants on the ground. I'm still not completely sold on Lesnar but I think it is foolish to say that he does not have some serious potential.

  7. and i agree he didnt really fight anybody last night .. and Shields and Miller just spooned each other all fight long ..

  8. See, I actually liked the Shields/Mayhem fight. It was on the ground the whole time, but very technical and pretty unorthodox. I still son't think Jake is that impressive though. I'm not impressed by his performance.

  9. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Ryan S you sounded like GSP "Am not impressed with your performance" at matt huges lol Jake is not an MMA fighter.

  10. I'm really impressed with Fedor and how he can come back and win the fight. Whether you are a fan or not, you have to respect that about a fighter. I hope Fedor remains undefeated in strikeforce so then maybe he can sign with the UFC after 3 fights because who else is in strikeforce? Werdum, Overeem and then who? By then it would be time to sign with the UFC and test new waters. Of all the decent HW's in strikeforce, I thought Rogers had the best chance but mentally he wasn't ready and it was obvious.

    I like Fedor and how humble he is, but I really hate his fans, and honestly I don't want to be associated with them. There are some exceptions who actually think rationally but then there are those that act like they are fedor's promoter. Can't wait for the day when Lesnar beats him and flips the bird to the right ppl this time….Mother Russia cuz that's really who Fedor cares about, not the fans here in the US.

    Machida would take out Fedor cuz it's not like Fedor can kick his way to a W

  11. FEDOR..FEDOR…FEDOR….BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. LOL, yeah WAR SHOGUN, that was kind of the joke.

  13. oh my god jew jif shoes.

  14. fedor didn't look too impressive last night. i thought it wouldn't go past the 1st round. rogers showed that he is not houston alexander on the ground, and he showed that has some knowledge of grappling. rogers defended successfully against both a kimura and an armbar. problem with last night is that a lot of fighters come out scared or hesitant against fedor. even the top level fighters come out really hesitant. rogers was scared for the first 30 seconds, and he didn]t exert him the confidence that took him throughout his whole career. once rogers was waiting on fedor, that kind of set the pace of the fight. rogers could have KOed fedor.

  15. Most of you here are obviously the bandwagon folks or the weak MMA lovers who dont understand the entire game and how MMA works. A few of you have mentioned that back in Pride they were just fighters with limited athletes, Now you have legit athletes which is a huge deal fighting and evolving..key word evolving, fighters fight and athletes evolve into better athletes and rarely do you get to see a athletic fighter who evolves into both and here are just a few as i can only recal seeing them fight athleticly, GSP and Lesnar and i am sure there are more. Now Fedor is fucking great, there is no doubt on that but last nite you saw the type of fighter that can give him problems and all i am saying is based upon facts Lesnar has a very good chance of beating Fedor, Lesnar isnt your typical fighter he is an athletic fighter, he moves like a lightweight and hits like a mac truck, he has great wrestling as he has been wrestling longer than fedor has been fighting at 25 years, the instinct of a wrestler/athletic are very good as in when Mir threw those knees lesnar easily transitioned it to a take down using Mirs own body wieght. See most of you dont look at the technical aspect of this sport you just see so and so who is huge or skinny or has great BJJ or ko power, Truth be told Fedor is one hell of afighter but in all honestly based upon the technical and athletic side of things Fedor would have a very hard time in beating Lesnar and to tell you the truth Rogers was winning that fight until he got caught, now put lesnar in there with all his skills, speed and power against a man with all skills and skilled power and you have a great fight but in my opinion lesnar would win, look at it this way Mir or herring couldnt get up from lesnar what makes you think your little god Fedor will…does he have super powers…LOL come be real if Lesnar gets Fedor on the ground in the same position that he had Mir ITS LIGHTS OUT FOR FEDOR BOTTOM LINE, Brock is too strong to deal with in that postion.

    Now since this fight will not happen for at least another 2 years, as i am really hopin that Fedor didnt sign iwth the UFC in order to break himself into the cage enviroment and gets used to it before he faces the big boys. we can dream cant we, the point about Fedor beating people can be debated for years, he has beaten some great fighters and he has also beaten some pretty shitty and one dimensional fighters. i ask you this who else in Strikeforce or anywhere out there at this moment is a worthy opponent for Fedor? The UFC has tons of HWGHT talent who would be a viable opponent for Fedor, Tons. strikforce has what 2 maybe 3 in Werdum, Silva and Barnett although he cant get a license in the US so who else. This is why peoplse say Fedor is dodging competition, you have the best up and coming fighters in the HWGHT div in the UFC and instead of fighting the best and challlenges, you go to another org where you fight no name people, given rogers was a viable opponent he was one dimensional and i was more impressed with Rogers than Fedor in this fight. Look i am not a Fedor hater i am just not a Fedor nuthugger either and i can read between the lines and understand MMA as i am an athlete myself, Lesnar isnt the best but he can surely evolve into the best because he is an athlete, Fedor is a fighter and eventuatlly, EVOLUTION WILL CATH UP WITH YOU!!!!

  16. mayhem miller is a lot better than i would have given him credit for. i thought that was a good fight and the last round wan't really exciting but damn, they had to get tired sometime. shields is a bad ass fighter. he should have stayed in welterweight though.

  17. Thats pretty condscending, we are bandwagon fans and don't understand the sport? So basically, Tim, your saying that Brock's speed and strength will conquer Fedor's experience and ability to expose and capitalize on people's weaknesses? Brock is a phenomenal athlete, and seems to learn pretty fast, and is very fast and powerful, but I don't buy it. I still say Brock needs more time to evolve. I think Fedor would be a fight Brock would lose, but end up avenging. And honestly, I think the only reason Rogers escaped that armbar is because Fedor was up against the cage and couldn't straighten out his body.

  18. great fights last night..

    wtf mark miller didnt fight??

    also i think its going to be verdum vs Fador and why??/it should be allstar vs Fador..

    chung lee is a pussy, why give your belt up then next month come fight for the same organization

  19. I agree Tom, WTF Cung Le…makes no sense. Bottom line everyone will keep watching Fedor on Strikeforce to see if he will lose because everyone knows he is favored to win every time. It just a matter of time before Evolution catches up with you.

  20. richaaron says:

    Fedor is still king. Shields is still a bitch. Mousasi would give any UFC 205'er a run for there money and Silva's jaw look's even bigger in Primetime…

  21. LOL i forgot about Silva's jaw, dear god how could you miss that.

  22. jake is no bitch fool..

    but miller did a million times better then i thought..i would love to see miller vs Robbie? i think miller could win

  23. richaaron says:

    Jake is absolutely a bitch. His style is more suited for Abu-Dhabi. Good thing for Jake that Strikeforce doesn't do PPV. They would have a hard time trying to sell him as a Main Event… Why do you think the UFC dumped him..? Even Dana know's he's a bitch…

  24. haha richaaron you said it.

    wow tim, guess you're the only one here who is an athlete or knows anything, huh? what a joke. you're opinions are just as credible as any other lesnar lover.

  25. richaaron #69 is what i meant.

  26. taylor you just proved my point you cant read between the lines because your a fucking fedor nuthugger. Again Fedor is great thats not the issue and Your obviously not an athlete or else you wouldnt of made that statement. Your the joke and my opinions are reality and if you understood the sport you would realize them to be true. Its all about Evolution of athletes in MMA and there is a huge difference between a pure athlete and a fighter, when you combine the two thats where Evolution of the sport comes into play.

  27. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tim, there you go again. "Your obviously not an athlete or else you wouldnt of made that statement." This is great too, "my opinions are reality and if you understood the sport you would realize them to be true." How are your opinions reality? How many hours do you stare at yourself in the mirror everyday, Tim? If your opinion is always correct then I need to get your input on a house I am looking at because I want to make sure I have the CORRECT opinion. I'm sorry, everyone, but this guy's pompous, self-loving attitude is so frustrating that I can't look the other way. And why the FUCK does being a Fedor fan make you a "nuthugger"?!?! If that makes someone a nuthugger, what does that make you, Tim, as far as Lesnar goes?

  28. Hall's Wife says:

    Mr. Tim, For some reason you think Brock is so skilled in MMA. Son that takes time and fights to be a champ. Brock has only had 4 fights in MMA. Who else has come to MMA and got a belt in 4 fights. All I can say is BROCK MUST SUCK A GOOD DICK. (Dana White's little dick)

    I have watch fedor over the years and I would love to see Fedor fight Brock but NO money going into Dana White's pocket. That is one thing that made me an even bigger Fedor FAN/nuthugger. He did not give in to the money. He is one of the most humble, kind hearted man in MMA. You will never hear fedor say one bad thing about anyother fighter. To him it is a job/sport that he was born for. Fedor is the best and that is what is eating at Brock. I will make a bet with anyone that in 2 to 3 more years Brock will quite MMA and go back to Wrestling and talk shit about MMA. The only wrestler I have enjoyed watching would have to be Bobby Lashley. And by the way after he beat Bob Sapp he said well that was my 4th fight in MMA but as you see I don't have a belt. I am going to earn MINE! Eat that.

  29. Shogun of Harlem says:

    It was a good fight last night between Fedor and Rogers. Rogers is a much bigger fighter. I thought fedor was going to get knocked out when rogers was on top of him pounding on his face.

    fedor had his moments to when he had rogers against the fence pounding on him as well. I thought at that moment fedor might win it or even the time when Fedor hit him and knocked him on the ground.

    Well we all know now that fedor can fight in a cage. The knock out punch in the second round, it sounded like Fedor hit a pack of meat.

    I have to say i liked the fight card. they had some interesting fights on there.

    What suprised me was that it was free on tv. I really like the fight with fabrico werdum and that other guy.

    I would love to see a fight with Fedor and Lesnar. If that doesnt happen, i would be happy with a fight between Lesnar and Brett Rogers.

  30. Tim whacks off to brock lesnar pics

  31. fedor IS great…not the issue? i was commenting on the results of the fight. what issue are you talking about? i was just agreeing that fedor is great. and since when does that make me a nuthugger? wow your opinions and yes opinions, not the reality, are ridiculous.

    haha and i don't even need to defend my comment about you, it seems like everyone else agrees. oh but wait, only your opinion counts, right? you must be a shitty athlete, you're so insecure!!

  32. yeah that was to tim, forgot to put that. shouldn't be hard to tell though lol.

    strikeforce has a deal with cbs, right? so hopefully more to come on free tv!

  33. Again this is stupid to agrue with peoploe who have no insight into MMA and what an athlete can do to this sport. I never said Lesnar was so skilled, i said he was a pure athlete who is evolving, so halls wife where do you get me saying lesnar is so skilled out of that. I mean its a pure fucking fact that Lesnar is an athletic gifted freak and so far as he has combined this with some MMA skills he is evolving into the potential perfect MMA fighter. You see it with GSP, a pure natural athlete who i learning MMA and developing into a great fighter. My point being an again your obviously not an athlete yourself or are such a Fedor nuthugger you get so pissed off at the sight of anyone saying they can beat him to understand MMA and the details involved. Like it or not Lesnar is an athletic freak of nature who is on his way to potentially becoming a legend in MMA and he has had only 3 years of training…given his 25 years of wrestling experience and i mean real wrestling college style that is the main reason he has done so well in this sport. Lesnar has earned everything he has gotten, he didnt ask for a title shot dana gave it to him. I personally thought he got it way to soon but oh well. Lashley is smart for taking the long road but at the same time Lesnar was even smarter putting himself on the line for quick money and another chance to make a name for himself and to see if he can do this MMA sport. Wether you like him or not Lesnar is a legit fighter who obvously needs to learn more and more which every time he fights he proves just that he is developing into a much overall better fighter. So you see my facts are dead on which are Athletes in MMA are evolving into much overall better fighters which means this problems for fighters in MMA who are just fighters. there is a huge difference between a natural athlete and a figher and when you combine the two you get the EVOLUTION of the sport. It happen in all sport MLB, NFL, NBA boday is bashing Fedor i just believe that lesnar would defeat fedor simply based upon how he fights and how much control he imposes on his opponents, simply put if Fedor finds himself in the same position as did Mir, Fedor will get beat…but there is no sense in argueing over something that will never happen as well as since you all predict that lesnar or no one else has a fucking chance in defeating your Fedor, come on look outside the box and think about it put your emotions aside and base facts on facts, sure fedor would be favored as he deserves to be but how can you rule out Lesnar beating Fedor. If you do your a fucking joke and a fedor nuthugger and have no knowledge of MMA and purely make your comments solely upon who you nuthug most, all i am saying is at least for someone who likes Lesnar i can admit and look outside the box and admit when someone is a good match up for him as in Carwin, when that fight happens Carwin may very well win as he matches up well. I am sure you will come back with some come back talk about me bla, bla, bla…which i could care less about because i train athletes and MMA fighters for strenght and conditioning for a living so i know what goes into sports. If you cant look outside the box than your just stupid and superficial.

  34. But is doesnt matter you will never understand the point of facts because your not athletes yourselves so you woldnt understand what goes into traning and what being a natural athletic MMA fighter has to do MMA or any other sport. its all about EVOLUTION of the athlete which you woudlnt understand.

  35. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Its not that they are athletes Tim, I have a theory, Fedor is a religion. Try telling a Christian there is no God, they will flip out! Same here. You cant say anything about Fedor without having to fight with these believers and nuthuggers. They are brain wahed! some brain damage, its sad. they are so blind. Just ignore them.

  36. WAR SHOGUN says:


  37. wow you are so defensive about lesnar when none of us even said fedor would beat him! i was commenting on how great of a fighter fedor is. i was impressed with his win and was glad he lived up to all the hype that was going on about this fight. i think fedor vs lesnar would be a good fight. i would definitely like to see it happen, even though i don't think it will. and we all get it, you think mma is all about evolution, get off it man, you've made yourself clear.

    and i don't understand why you think you're the only one who knows how much training goes into it. you don't have to be a fighter to know how much training it takes. it doesn't sound like anyone is trying discredit the time and effort that all these guys put into it, except for you. you're bashing fedor like he doesn't train as much as you or something. you must not understand how much training this guy goes through. oh but im an athlete who trains mma fighters so i know all about this guy and im reading between the lines instead of reading the facts. that makes my opinions the reality. lol.

  38. Never in this post have i ever bashed Fedor at all end of story, i said he was great and i never ever said anyting else negative against him. So do not talk lies. I agree with some things you have said, and again thanks WAR SHOGUN. If you understood the Evolution of an athlete in MMA than you would realize what a threat Lesnar and all the other athletes are in MMA period endo of story.

  39. i never said i didn't think lesnar was a threat, end of story. so do not talk lies. what a hypocrite. i was just commenting on a great fight last night, you're the one who got so defensive and started talking about lesnar period end of story.

    well when you were talking about fedor and said, "i doubt it cause he is a pussy and likes to dodge competition as you can clearly see" hmmm i would call that bashing.

    you're just proving yourself to be a joke lol. come on man, keep going haha.

  40. Hall's Wife says:

    Mr. Tim, I do think Brock is a great athlete. It takes big balls to be able to step in that ring. The whole reason most people do not like Brock is his attitude. At least that is the reason I do not care for him. UFC WAS a great organization. But now it is all about the money. I respect everyone opinion, but mine is just to not like Brock because of his cocky attitude.

  41. Taylor i am not talking directly to you so get over it. Yes i personally think Fedor is a pussy and many other do including MMA fighters think he is dodging real competition otherwise why wouldnt he want to face top level competition???? sorry but the current top level HWGHTS are in the UFC and he wont sign with them to face them which could be equally a shame from both ends meaning the UFC and M-1. Its just a shame that Fedor wouldnt want to fight top level fighters thats all besides that he is again one hell of a fighter i want to see the best fighters in the world fight eachother. Sorry but saying fedor is dodging real competion isnt bashing its just a plain simple FACT!!! I am a joke okay say what you want on a comment site as this is the only place you can talk shit and not get beaten up for it. Taylor again i wasnt talking directly towards you and if it seemed like that i am sorry…

  42. admire any guy who gets in the cage to fight but i think brock would need a few more fights b4 he faught fedor, what i aint heard no1 mension is fedors timing he just seems to have a nak to hit at the right time every time wether it be a punch or a submission and granted brocks big he's strong but with all that size and power his body is limeted to what it can do and i just think fedor would be to smart. and another thing for all the people saying fedor got a beating?????what??????? he won the first round then knocked brett out in the second what more do u want the guy to do,

  43. Halls Wife, i appreciate the truth and i respect your opinion even i a lesnar fan didnt appreciate his attitude but that doesnt take away from the fact that he is an ever evolving Athlete in MMA and that is scarry.

    To set things strait Fedor is a very humble fighter and i have nothing but respect for the guy i just think he is dodging real competition and if he really want to keep fighting the best up and coming fighters he wouldnt care about money or this of that if Fedor was truly a guy that likes to fight he would want to fight the best and the best right now is in the UFC at least there are a few interesting matchups for him that would make for history in the making.

  44. Fedor got rocked hard he was bleeding, but yes Fedor is great he is one of the best fighters ever i just wished he spoke some english and would fight top notch talent.

  45. "..since you all predict that lesnar or no one else has a fucking chance in defeating your Fedor, come on look outside the box and think about it put your emotions aside and base facts on facts, sure fedor would be favored as he deserves to be but how can you rule out Lesnar beating Fedor. If you do your a fucking joke and a fedor nuthugger and have no knowledge of MMA and purely make your comments solely upon who you nuthug most.." -Tim, Fighter Strength Trainer, MMA God

    Tim, seriously, the more you talk, the more ridiculous it sounds. You are bashing Fedor by calling him a pussy. It is NOT a FACT that Fedor is dodging competition. He did not want to sign with the org. that talked shit about him. Probably thought that would make him a sell out. All of us have said that Lesnar is gifted and has extreme potential, but the Fedor fans just don't think Lesnar would win that fight at this time. And for some reason, that opinion seems to really grind your gears, causing you to make everyone aware that you don't think they are real athletes. Get over it. You're like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. Saying all this stuff about how no one but you is a true athlete is not going to make us believe that we are not athletes and we know nothing. Frankly, I really don't even believe that you do train fighters. Sorry, but my opinion on that really shouldn't matter to you. Whenever someone says they like Fedor, they are automatically "nuthuggers," according to you, so what does that make you as far as Lesnar goes?

  46. well it certainly seemed like you were writing towards me since you were directly responding to things i said and right after i said them, hey but if not you still are a hypocrite because even if saying he is a pussy and dodging competition isn't "bashing" in your vocabulary, it is negative, which you also said you weren't doing. oh but of course your opinion is FACT, haha i forgot about that rule in your little world. btw, this is to you tim, since i am responding to what you were saying.

    i agree hall's wife! even though i still think the ufc is a great organization, i do also think it is becoming more and more about the money for some of the participants, which is sad. but i guess that's life, right? almost all sports, and other organizations for that matter, are about money to a great deal of the people involved. not all, but a good number of them. and i also agree that brock has a bad attitude and that is why people don't like him. respecting him and liking him are two separate things. and it seems like he tries to give fans a reason to dislike him lol.

  47. No one even said that Lesnar doesn't have a chance. I know for sure that I said I just don't think it would work out for him. It's MMA dude, anything could happen. And what is with you calling Lesnar the potential "perfect" MMA fighter? Would the perfect MMA fighter have a loss on his record?

  48. haha nicely said ryan s.

  49. Hall's Wife says:

    Mr. Tim, I want you to think of the most greedy, cocky, arrogant, asshole you know and tell me would you like to work for him and get paid about 5% of what he is making? Now if Fedor's "people" tried to get Dana to get Brock to go to affliction and split the money 50/50 but Dana said basicly if he could not have all the money there was no deal. I would love to see Brock and Fedor fight, but untill Dana White gets off his high horse it will not happen. Right now we got us a mexican stand off.

  50. #94 and 96!

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