Strikeforce “Diaz vs Cyborg” Fight Poster

Strikeforce “Diaz vs Cyborg” — Jan 29, 2010 from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA.

Rumored Fightcard

Nick Diaz vs. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos [t]
Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza vs. Robbie Lawler [t]
Herschel Walker vs. Scott Carson
Roger Gracie vs. Trevor Prangley


  1. P4P #1 Fan says:

    With the exception of the Hershel fight, this looks like a good card. Looking forward to seeing some great BJJ from Roger and Jacare.

  2. Alexander Baring says:

    It's a weak card, but I'll watch it anyway.

  3. is anyone really thinkin cyborg has much of a chance? i feel like kj noons was an actual step up in competition and now Diaz is fightin another nobody.

  4. Diaz




  5. give Walker a real fighter this time or he'll just shake his ass agian…maybe after this fight he'll teach high school football…

  6. This card seems quite weak when you look at it in detail, the main event diaz vs santos is in my opinion a very one sided fight for diaz. Santos is an average fighter at best with a below average record 18-13. Should be over very quickly. Jacare Souza vs Robbie Lawler is interesting, do I think Lawler deserves a title shot for beating Lindland… No! But when Brett Rogers gets a title shot coming off a KO loss then there really isn't any grounds for argument. Souza should take it to the ground and submit Robbie in the 1st Rd. But Robbie Lawler has a way of surprising people sometimes. Hershel Walker vs I have nothing to say about this fight simply because I know nothing about the two of them in terms of fighting, I took away nothing from Hershels last fight. The only competitive fight on the card is Gracie vs Prangley, and for that reason I think this is a weak card.

  7. fakearms…it looks like your interest in the Lawlor/Souza fight takes that one from "interesting" to competitive. So 2 of the 4 fights should be good. I am not saying that they could be long fights but they should be entertaining. While I am not a Hershel fan, if you don't know anyting about him or Carson, then how could you write off that fight. I am sure that carson will be inexpereinced,just like Hershel but that may make for a good matchup. I am pretty sure that you will be watching and at a cost of $0.00 if you already subscribe to Showtime, enjoy it. I don't complain about any card whether it be a UFC Fight Night, UFC on Versus, UFC TUF Finale, Showtime, or anything on HDNet because they are all free considering I have those channels. Put on Showtime, sit back and relax those fakearms of yours.

  8. Bear I am from Ireland, I don't have showtime or HDNet, I have ESPN or Setanta Sports and they both cost money. Anyway I value your opinion but your dollars, your hotdogs and your fancy movie stars are many many miles away from where I live… to be sure to be sure, top of the morning lassie!

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