Strikeforce: Cris Cyborg Considers Playboy Offer


Playboy Magazine is apparent eyeing Strikeforce champion Cris Cyborg for a possible spread in the adult magazine.

“Actually we are still talking, and I’m thinking about that possibility …. After all, only one man saw me naked in my entire life and I have to think deeply about that.” [Sherdog]

Although the offer might be appealing, Cybog his is training hard for her first Strikeforce title defense against Marloes Coenen on January 30 in Miami.


  1. If this goes ahead, I am begging CagE not to post those pictures! For the sake of the general health of all human kind.

  2. I agree. I do not want to see her penis.

  3. Teamweekly says:

    Too bad it's not Gina!!

  4. only one man saw me naked in my entire life and now he is blind!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cant wait to see how big her cock is

  6. That is one issue i really dont want to see.

  7. Now I REALLY wish Gina would have won that fight.

  8. you will do i if he money is right for sure

  9. I'm not gonna lie, I would look at the pictures, but I wouldn't pay money for them.

  10. they need to get gina to do playboy.

  11. I heard Gina turned them down a while ago. If it does go ahead i couldn't look at them, it would only lead me to discover that Cyborg Santos is more of a man than i could ever be.

  12. I'm gonna jack off to these pics what are you guys bitching about

  13. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Only one man has seen her naked her whole life for a good reason… no other guy wanted to see. So why put her in Playboy where millions don't wanna look except for guy's with fetishes! lol On a serious note, we'd all look at the pics if they were in front of us but I doubt it will be a high seller.

  14. your all mad becouse, Cyborg is a real fighter & not all looks like Gina! Gina couldn't beat Cyborg if she wanted to, oh yeah she lost her title to Cyborg (TKO)!!!! remember????????????

  15. ya but that has nothing to do with playboy and her being naked. I wood like to see Gina naked I honestly could go the rest of my life without ever seeing cyborg with clothes on again. Its about naked chicks not fighting, unless I missed something and Zuffa bought playboy…

  16. She may be able to creatively tuck the weiner.. maybe they have a great airbrush artist to hide the beast from us.. I am just glad it isn't a video that we would have to listen to the "man" voice.. instant "softie"!

  17. If i wanna see balls and dick i'll look down my pants. Got it covered. Playboy…. your better than this.

  18. i respect women with talent and really… she doesn´t look like a guy at all, I like her looks.. cris ROCKS!!

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