Strikeforce “Carano vs Cyborg”: Nick Diaz vs Jay Hieron


Strikeforce is benefiting for the demise of Affliction – Jay Hieron (17-4) has apparently signed a multi-fight deal with Strikeforce and will face Nick Diaz for the new Strikeforce welterweight strap, according to MMAWeekly.

Hieron replace Joe Riggs who was forced out of the fight due to an adverse reaction to a drug.

Strikeforce “Carano vs Cyborg” will take place on August 15th for the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA

MMAWeekly updated their article, nothing is signed, but both fighters have verbally agreed to fight.

Rumored Main Card

Gina Carano vs. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos [t]
Josh Thomson vs. Gilbert Melendez [t]
Renato “Babalu” Sobral vs. Gegard Mousasi [t]
Nick Diaz vs. Jay Hieron [t]
Fabricio Werdum vs. TBA

Preliminary Card

Isaiah Hill vs. Poppies Martinez
Ricardo Barros vs. Scott Lighty
James Terry vs. Jason Von Flue
Erin Toughill vs. TBA


  1. This is a way better fight then Nick vs Joe…Who ever wins Strike forces will have a great 170 champ..I think the only guy to Test GSP will be nick because nick is great JJ skills and his great boxing will be to much for many fighters..

    i think Josh will win again

  2. get paul Bentelo vs Fabricio Werdum would be a pretty good fight

  3. Tom, I hate gsp , but there is no way nick beats him….gsp wins that match every day of the week and twice on sunday. Look at how he destroyed an incredible fighter who was able to make matt hughes look old and busted….absolutely took him to school for the entire fight…..some "pitbull"!

  4. at the min "and this is a bold statment" no 170 can beat gsp he is in a leauge of his own, i have doubted him one to many times with the alves fight and once again he made him look average,

    nick to beat jay via sub rd 2

  5. tom, lets not be delusional. Nick is a great fighter

    but gsp would maul him. John fitch would maul him.

    Thiago Alves would maul him. Hes a great fighter

    but hes not of Ufc caliber.

  6. he is ufc caliber for sure, but no one at 170 is beating gsp.

  7. Gsp would not maul Nick Miko. Nick has evolved a lot and is a much better fighter he dominated Shammy boy and Scott smith. he is a in your face fighter. it would be great match up.

  8. the only thing in anyone's face if those two fought would be the mat in nick's face. Did you see gsp take Thiago down at will?! He's twice the size and strength of Diaz…..Damn! Now I'm defending gsp! See what you make daddy do! Do you SEE THAT! DAMN YOU!!! I'm sorry….come back….I'll make it better, I promise. really, no, come back. I can control it now, you'll see…..sweety?!

  9. did you hear the news about fedor and the ufc?

  10. i hope this is true, time to prove all the douters wrong.

  11. i think this is a great fight, one we still get to see nick fight and jay will be a threat more than riggs or smith was.i like nick but i don’t see how he could do any better than alves,fitch,kos or bj did against gsp.

  12. i think GSP would kick Nicks ass … he dont t hit that hard and i dont think he could pepper GSP with punches like he does other peeps .. GSP would Clay Guida him ..

  13. i think he could whoop Jay Hieron tho

  14. This should be good. Jay is Nick's toughest standup fight since Lawler. Lets see if nick try's for takedowns this time.

  15. Dana is not dumb. He's going to give Fedor everything this time around. I think Friday we'll learn that Fedor will fight Brock at UFC 108.

  16. MW74 your retarded. I see nick at Shileds Gym once in a while and he has gotten bigger and walks around 190 and to say Thiago is twice the size of diaz is plain dumb.

    Diaz competes in triathlons and is a cardio machine. Nick is not the same diaz he was when he fought in 06 against riggs. Diaz has evolved just as much as GSP. Diaz is not a pussy. and lets see if GSP has balls to stand toe to toe with Diaz because we know GSP is gun shy and wants to take it to the ground all the time like a little girl

  17. Jay…if you're going to assault someone's intelligence by calling them retarded….you might not want to start by by misspelling the word "you're"…it means "you are"…"your" is used when expressing posession …as in "YOUR recent lambasting by a retard, regarding YOUR misuse of grammar must be embarrassing". And I never said Diaz was a pussy….Douche Bag?! YES. And that goes in a pussy….but there is just no way You can say Diaz, as a physical specimen is on par with Thiago Alvez…nor can you say he has shown the type of skills that could place him in the same sentence with ….well….you know who….DAMNIT!…."now, YOU'RE retaahhdid"

  18. he might have ment your retard, like you had a pet retard or something? but i agree with you diaz is a bad ass maybe he is a dick but he is tough but no way on par with gsp or even alves.

  19. Well then, roy…that's just an incomplete sentence, having a subject and no predicate. While then, not being an assault on my character nor intelligence, is still improper grammar and I find it offensive.hahahah -PSYCH! But seriously, don't help me roy…as it is I loathe defending that …that guy who won't be named! I just can't call a spade anything other than a spade…and he just seems to f@#kin school each new challenger…..fu@ker.

  20. ….and Jay, your comment about wanting to take it to the ground being "like a little girl" … is kinda bunk. Brock took mir to the ground and it was mos def' anything but girlish. Anyone who has great bjj skills is gonna want to take it to the ground, also. That's not girly to try to keep the fight where your skills suit you best to ensure victory and a bigger Paycheck to boot. On the other hand , I am still looking for reasons to hate him…..maybe I can use the fact that he doesn't give me a good reason to hate him – as a reason to hate him! It's just so crazy it might actually work!

  21. i think diaz is one of the p4p toughest dudes out there

  22. For sure in my top 5

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