Strikeforce At The Dome: Bob Sapp Vs. Jan Nortje

Strikeforce bob sapp vs. Nortje

Japanese superstar and former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Bob “The Beast” Sapp will take on Jan Nortje at Strikeforce “At The Dome” on February 23 in Tacoma, Washington.

Sapp (8-2-1) is hugely popular in Japan, competing in K-1 kickboxing, Pro wrestling, and MMA. His most recent MMA win came over Bobby Ologun at K-1 Premium 2007 Dynamite on New Years Eve.

Sapp will be the hometown fighter as he established a huge following as a standout at the University of Washington.


  1. Patrick89 says:

    Bob's a pretty small guy. I think he needs to be a few inches taller and a couple of pounds bigger.

  2. U have got to be kidding me Bob is a smal guy? I can only hope u were joking!!He is a fucking bear.

  3. yeah bob sapp is very big… and very slow. i could see those punches from where i'm sitting.

  4. he is entertaing to watch

  5. Patrick89 says:

    Yeah, I was joking for sure. Just a little bit of sarcasm. I don't think there is anybody out there who can mistake Sapp for being a small dude. Can't wait to see him on Pro's vs Joe's, looks good.

  6. dane drebin says:

    i wanna see sapp vs lesnar

  7. Patrick89 says:

    Pros vs Joes, excuse me.

  8. sapp vs lesnar would be great and pretty evanly matched sapp the better boxer and lesnar the better wrestler,throw in hung man choi and semmy vs lesnar although i think they would beat lesnar it would be interesting.

  9. Nancy P King says:

    I want to meet Bob Sapp.

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