Site News: Looking For Writers

We’re looking for a few contributors to help out with the daily posting, digging up news, opinions and interviews of the happenings in MMA.

This freelancing position requires professionalism, consistency, and reliability. Please include the following in an email:

  • A short bio about yourself, include location, age and time available.
  • Write a preview of any Main event fight on UFC 83.
  • A couple ideas you have to improve the site [short]

More details will be given after the application process.

We want to hear from people that are passionate about Mixed Martial Arts and growing Cage Today. To apply, send the following to


PHOTOSHOP Buffs – We are also looking for a unique one of a kind LOGO for the site, if you have any ideas, get a hold of us at the email above.



  1. i love mma but i can't write for shit.

  2. haha, me neither but then again this isn't the new york post. i don't think mma fans are doing grammar and spelling checks on these websites. we just want to chat and know the facts. i'm thinking of writing since i already spend so much time looking up mma news.

  3. tell you what kom you write it and i will read it, i always respect your opinion on things.

  4. Give it a go kom.

  5. the respect is mutual roy. thanks guys.

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