ShoXC: Alvarez vs. Ebanez Results and Recap

shoxc Alvarez vs. Ebanez

First off Kala Kolohe Hose pounded Frederic Belleton throughout the first round and landed a one punch KO to end the fight just before the closing bell. Hose’s striking made for an entertaining bout.

Paul Daley looked like a British Anderson Silva, with amazing Maui Thai and a sick clinch, his ability to instantly get up after being taken down, made this a short night for TUF veteran Sammy Morgan. Daley ended the fight with a sick elbow behind the ear, dropping Morgan strait to the canvas. Side note: Daley was offered a deal with Zuffa, but turned it down so he can defend his Cage Rage title, he is going to be a force to recon with in EliteXC.

Eddie Alvarez was able to showcase his skills near his home town, with an impressive win over a tough Ross “The Boss” Ebanez. Alvarez showed he is extremely well rounded as he dominated Ebanez on the ground and in the stand up. The only reason this fight made it to the second round is because Ebanez is one tough SOB. Alvarez finally secured the win in the second round with a devastating right hand while on one knee.

ShoXC, by far the best card I have seen in 2008.

Main Card on Showtime

Preliminary Card

  • Drew Puzon (170.3 lbs.) vs. Charlie Brenneman (170.9 lbs.)
    Result: Charlie Brenneman defeats Drew Puzon by Split Decision.
  • Zach Makovsky (139.3 lbs.) vs. Wilson Reis (138.6 lbs.)
    Result: Wilson Reis defeats Zach Makovsky by Submission (Choke) at 1:15 of R2.
  • James “Binky” Jones (155.6 lbs.) vs. Mark Getto (160.9 lbs.)
    Result: James Jones defeats Mark Getto by Submission (Kimura) at 1:12 of R1.
  • Sergio Vinagre (183.6 lbs.) vs. Brett Linebarger (185.1 lbs.)
    Result: Brett Linebarger defeats Sergio Vinagre by KO at 2:29 of R3.
  • Joe Shilling (169 lbs.) vs. Matt Makowski (170.9 lbs.)
    Result: Matt Makowski defeats Joe Schilling by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 4:01 of R1.


  1. fuck sam lost

  2. Yeah, Sam lost because Daly is a British beast with his striking. On the upside though, Sam has improved a ton since being in TUF 2.

  3. I liked the fights on this show. Daly is tough. I think Alvarez looked really good too.

  4. Now that MMA is becomming Bigger the Brits are getting into it big time!

    We brits were always at a disadvantage cos our level of wretling has been way behind the Amercians and our Jitsu has been far lower than the Brazilians and general submission fighting – not as good as the Japanese… but now I reckon the Brits will start to have a bigger impact!

    We've always had good strikers… but hopefully now the UK will start to turn out well rounded MMA fighters!

    I would like to see Paul Daley up agaisnst the likes of Luke Kumo!

  5. Paul Daley is an animal on his feet. I was really impressed with how he took out Sam Morgan.

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