Shark Fights 13: Paul Daley vs Jorge Masvital

Shark Fights have announced that British slugger Paul “Semtex” Daley will take on Jorge Masvital at Shack Fights 13 on Sept. 11th in Amarillo, TX.

Daley was suspended for 30 days by the Governing Body of Alcohol, Races and Games of Quebec (RACJ) for sucker punching Josh Koscheck at UFC 113. He is expected to complete that suspension prior to his fight on Sept. 11th.


  1. Uhhh what? his fight with K'os was May 8, 2010

    He fought again in Australia July 18, 2010

    One would assume that his 30 Day suspension was finished before he even went to Australia

  2. This kid went from being the next greatest welterweight before the kos fight to shark fights 13 uggggghhhh tough break

  3. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Miko- i don't think that the whole is under the same governing body. Josh Barnett and others have gone over seas and fought after being suspended for steriods or other issues. It would be nice if every org followed one governing body.

  4. P4P there was more than 60 days between the K'os fight and his fight overseas so it still doesn't make sense to me.

    If the suspension was for only 30 days, how does he still owe time?

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