Shamrock vs. Shamrock Update

Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock

The Houston Chronicle stirred up more speculation of the possible fight between adoptive brothers Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock, by linking to a website which is registered to “Frank Shamrock USA” and shows an animated banner of a fight advertisement and countdown timer showing “350 days left till the fight”.

To add doubt to the validity of this site, the article states that the timer counts down to April 1 “April Fools Day”, but has since changed to late December.

Frank Shamrock USA
PO Box 24006
San Jose, California 95154-4006
United States


  1. I doubt this fight will happen, and if it did I think Frank would destroy Ken.

  2. Dr Breaker says:

    Both have stated in interviews that they wish to fight each other. Frank and Ken both want it to happen. I believe it will, it's just a matter of getting the fight put together. I would love to see it happen as a headliner for a good fight card. It would be a huge PPV draw if they had it on a solid show.

    I can't see Dana White doing it, but maybe HDnet or M1…who knows? I'd pay to see it. It needs to be in a cage and not a ring IMO.

  3. I dont know…Age is by far a factor…it cant be entertaining if they cant even stand by the 2nd round…Also why would two brothers want to fight eachother?? I guess im excitined for this fight but let's just say if i miss it, it wont kill me.

  4. i would love to watch it, but i would not pay for it.

  5. they a not brothers by blood.. and i think frank will kill ken

  6. I think it will happen some day for sure. Frank says all the time he isn't interested in good fight, just marketable fights. This is easy marketing for me. But I want to see Frank vs. Cung Le first.

  7. frank vs chung le would be great

  8. Frank never seems to want to fight so I don't know when he will step into the cage again. I would like to see Cung fight a name. His standup is good enough to face a good opponent. Hopefully Frank will fight Cung pretty soon, like he has been saying he would for months now.

  9. Just a spectacle fight and I don't really want to see it after seeing Ken get his ass kicked twice by Tito.

  10. ken got his ass kicked by alot of people at the end of his career,and complained about it almost everytime.

  11. if ken was back in his prime, he would whoop the shit out of frank.

  12. dredlokrasta says:

    I wouldn't pay to see this fight either!!

  13. I personally think Frank was a better fighter in his prime and I've been watching Ken since the start of the UFC. Both great fighters though. I think Ken is tougher and truely loved to fight. Frank cared too much about how he looked and about his legacy. Now all he cares about is promotions.

  14. My thoughts exactly Realwun.

  15. dane drebin says:

    who cares about either shamcock

  16. they both where good in there day, i'm sure frank is better at this point.

  17. Either way it go's they both come out on top. Thier supporting thier families. So if they can both get paid by fighting each other, the bills are paid. If they fought it would'nt be that great . Cause you can say what you wanna say thier bothers. Blood or no blood. One of them gonna let up.

  18. I'd rather see Ken vs. Don Frye again.

  19. It should be a bunk as fight, Ill give it to Frank his game is a little better you would think Ken wouldnt want that fight hes always getting to hurt how much can the head and body take that old doesnt care I guess, Ill wait to see cung le fight frank that should be a good one, for petes sake dont make the Shamrock vs. Shamrock fight.

  20. Ken vs. Frye rematch… I'd go for that too. That was a pretty good fight.

  21. this fight will never happen and if does frank will kick the shit out of ken!!!

  22. Ken is a true fighter…..may not be anywhere near as good as he used to be ….but he still loves to fight.

    Real fighters dont walk away from the game….if they are unhappy with their situation……they find a better venue to fight…….

    Randy Cotoure is the real Deal…..get in the ring with Randy…frank……less talking more fighting!

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