Sexy Gina Carano Off K-1 Dynamite Show

maxim carano out of k-1 dynamite

Gina Carano had to withdraw from her bout with Jan Finney on the K-1 Dynamite Show on June 2nd. She has been struggling with an intestinal illness after a recent trip to Thailand. This will be a big blow to the show, because Carano is one of the top female MMA fighters in the world. It is not known at this time if their will be a replacement fighter to fight Jan Finney. Coincidentally she is also Maxim’s hot girl of the day. The magazine is touting her upcoming fight, I guess they haven’t herd the news.

gina carano


  1. jeff roberts says:

    hey gina u got some amazing fists wish i was a girl i'd fight u in a heartbeat.would u ever let me spar with you please?

  2. mike paahana says:

    she is 1 of the only girls with muscles that has beeg breast

  3. Hermosa, Linda You are to beautiful to be fighting

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