Selling The UFC: Dana White Suggests, UFC Might Take On Investors

UFC President Dana White tells Bloomberg that the UFC might consider selling a 10%-15% stake in the company to a private investor. Two conditions – you have to have a huge pile of cash and willing to be a “Silent” partner.

He then goes on to talk about the growing popularity of The Ultimate Fighting Championships amongst the female population.


  1. Damn I would have to sell my Business, And My building and wouldnt Qualify. A couple of million dollars is Pennies!

  2. only a money maker would want to buy 10-15% of the ufc to become a "silent" partner. shit, if i were to invest in something, i would at least want to have some kind of say. it's like saying you'll pay 15% of your wife's car, but then your wife said that you can never drive her car.

    also, ufc is probably worth more than the amount the fertitas have, even though the fertitas are billionaires. this is probably why they need to get more investors.

  3. I heard Fertita was in financial trouble with his casions thank god he diversified. But spending 2k and now worth 2 billion is a 500,000 Return on investment! Is that right guys?

  4. 1 billion i meant

  5. Derek: If your wife was an amazing mechanic, knew how to do amazing body jobs and could give an awesome paint job every time there was the tiniest ding in the car and was doing everything she possibly could to make that car last as long as possible… then yeah, it would be exactly like that.

  6. investing aint about having a say, investing is about putting money and selling when the time is right, "SHIT" if i invested in the ufc i would'nt want a say, hence if it aint broke dont fix it get a good return and get out

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