Scott Coker Talks Fedor-Rogers, Cyborg, Aoki and Cung Le

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talks about a range of issues following the Strikeforce: Fedor vs Rogers press conference. Coker confirms Cris Cyborg will defend her title against Marloes Coenen next. Also he’s confident Alistair Overeen will defend his heavyweight title soon, or risk having it taken away. Contrary to UFC President Dana Whites beliefs, he denies Dan Henderson has signed anything. Will be in talks with Aoki and Henderson this week. Josh Barnett would be a great addition if he works out his doping issues with the California State Athletic Commission.


  1. Hall says says:

    I forgot all about Josh barnett yea i would love to see him fight Fedor i think it would be a good fight.Hell they dont have any body in strikeforce for Fedor .Maybe Josh will lay off the roids this time agin!Josh to me would have really gone some where if it wasnt for him useing

  2. WAR SHOGUN says:

    I don't know… I never say Barnett as a top fighter. I really don't wanna see Barnett getting owned by Fedor and then having to see this site overwhelmed by comments like Fedor is the best bla bla bla because Barnett isn't really a top fighter. But then again who else is out there in StrikeForce for him? This sucks… because I really wanna see Fedor fight TOP competition.

  3. WAR SHOGUN says:

    I never SAW* not say

  4. CobraClutch says:

    If Barnett comes back, he'll have to fight someone else first, because that whole tease of an Affliction 3 matchup that never happened won't be an easy promotion. I think Fedor deserves to have Josh prove he's not going to roid up again first before accepting another fight with Barnett.

  5. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Maybe Wierdum vs Josh gets the winner of Fedor vs Overeem (If it ever happens) and then is over lol. Theres no more "GOOD" match-ups.

  6. WAR SHOGUN says:

    Oh I forgot AA I know hes chin is shit, but I think is more mental than physical. If he can overcome that fear he can destroy anyone on his feet at least.

  7. CobraClutch says:

    Shogun, I like your match-ups.

    Maybe you should talk to the BCS and get them to listen to some playoff ideas.

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