Saturday Night Fights – Meet Fedor Emelianenko Video

Props: Roy for the find


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I always saw Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Rocky Marciano (Most consider Ali to be the greatest) go against the best. How is Fedor compared to them?

  2. King kong. says:

    Fedor is the greatest of all MMA fighters to date.

    you can't really deny that, he fought in Pride against the best in the world.

    he'd still be fighting the best in the world if it wasn't for the way the sport is run.


    bad bad comparisons to Fedor…. like terribad.

    Michael Jordan, played a sport only played in America with teams that are forced to play each other. (its like UFC fighters having to fight strikeforce fighters…..)

    Tiger Woods, a sportsman who plays a sport where there is only 1 place to play…. in tourneys. (and not the greatest at the sport.)

    that brings me to Rocky Marciano, who didn't lose…. yet compare his opponents to that of Joe Calzahge and i know who I'd choose. (and boxing wasn't as popular back then as it is today.)

  3. Kong, you're a moron. Oswald was quoting from the video. I swear, dude, you have like ZERO posts which contribute to this site. You're non-sensical in every way, and you seem to live in a different world than the one everyone else lives in. And your comparison of the NBA teams and MMA leagues….WTF???????

  4. Especially considering that basketball is now played AROUND THE WORLD.

  5. Kong I gotta agree with these guys, that was a pretty badly thought out post.

    Jordan: Best of all time, respected, known to be up to ANY challenge. They said he couldn't play D, he won defensive player of the year, he couldn't make his teammates better; changed his game up and won the titles.

    Woods: you think he isn't the best?! he has redefined golf and how it is played. All while dominating at a level not seen before.

    Fedor: Dominated the old world of MMA, this is the new age and he hasn't dominated all of the top level of competition for this age. Maybe he will in time but as it stands he is in the wrong place to prove himself to the new era of MMA fan

  6. King Kong is King Moron Fedor is not the best in the world, Brock would beat on Fedor.

  7. fedor is the best and its not really close. for those who say he isn't fighting the best who has brock or any ufc hw fought to make them the best? they say to be the best you have to beat the best well go look at every ranking and you will see fedor at #1 so by your own standards brock and the ufc fighters need to fight fedor to be considered the best.

  8. Dont pay attention to tbone, roy…He's an idiot.

  9. Get off his dick jeff

  10. Are you Two a couple?

  11. I'm not on a dick. You are, bitch. Quit coming here and talking random shit to people.

  12. Jeff must be a fag.

  13. Yeah, I must me. You're the one talking about all the gay shit, asshole…

  14. Tbone Says:

    October 16th, 2009 at 9:18 am

    Are you Two a couple?

    no thanks i like girls and i am married,keep asking around you might find a single guy for yourself.

  15. hahaha….Really, roy…What an assshole….

  16. This is going to be a good card.




    Can't wait…

  17. I hope my boy Rogers can KO Fedor. It's gonna be tough though.

  18. Man you guys are to cool

  19. Deray Roy and Jeff are faggots

  20. ? first you ask me out than call me a fag? sorry i turned you down it wasn't personal i just don't swing that way i wasn't trying to insult you for being gay i don't have a problem with your people.

  21. Youre a piece of shit, Tbone. Fuck off, u douche…

  22. Aldo Raine says:

    I would love to see Fedor get KO'd. Then we wouldn't have to talk about him anymore. He was the best back in Pride. He was in the top 3 if not the top fighter in the rankings for affliction. Now with strikeforce I'm guessing he's going to not fight top ranked fighters and I would hope to see him go down in the rankings. But most likely he will stay in the top three just because he beats someone with a winning record. I think its unfair for people like St. Pierre or Silva who are always wanting to fight the top fighters. Silva wants to fight heavyweight I mean come on he wants to fight the top people out there. Silva number #1 fighter.

  23. i wouldn't agrue the top p4p call it who ever you want, but the top hw is fedor with out a dout.aldo you say he was in the top rankings for affliction? he was the top ranked hw in the world not just affliction and strike force has 3-4 ranked fighters for him witch is about what the ufc has at hw. how is carwin or cain or gonzaga any better than the fuys he will fight at strikeforce? i wish he went to the ufc but other than lesnar they really don't have better comp for him and he is the #1 ranked guy so they need to beat him to be #1 not the other way around.

  24. there's literally no way to prove best pound-for-pound, it's 100% speculation and opinion, so it's a futile argument.

  25. Aldo Raine says:

    First off when I refered to him as in the top three in Affliction I was talking P4P rankings. I still felt that St. Pierre and Silva at the time should have been ranked higher. At no point did I ever claim Fedor was the number 2 heavyweight or lower. As far as Strikeforce having equal competition for Fedor that is completely wrong. If you look at the top 10 heavyweights you might see two people on the list. Rogers is on the list and on some of them Overeem is on their. I mean everyone is saying Arlovski is going to boxing and Barnett…..why he's in the top 10 I still dont know but he's not fighting anytime soon. I mean its just completely untrue to say that they have the same skill of competition. As far as to be the #1 guy you have to beat the #1 guy thats kind of a dumb concept. Fedor had the chance to go to the UFC didn't do it. Why would any guy from the UFC go to Strikeforce. They would go to a lesser company, fight less competition for less money. I mean what's Brock supposed to do , go to Strikeforce and steamroll overeem. I dont think so.


  27. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    LMAO, wow thanks guys. It's well known that nobody needs to stick up for my ass on these forums but the backup is appreciated even though I didn't take offense to Kong's post. I also don't agree with it but to each is own. Fact is every credible MMA personality besides M1 (Fedor's peeps) has said him not going to the UFC has hurt his legacy which is true.

  28. Jack Nicklaus, Rocky Marciano, Roger Federer, MJ, Babe Ruth, and FEDOR. Love the video. Fedors legacy is secure. He is the best HW of all times. Wins by ko ground and pound and various submissions. He is what everyone wants to be. The Baddest man on the planet:)

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