Roy Jones Jr. Reacts To Anderson Silva’s Performance At UFC 101

Roy Jones Jr., when asked what he thinks about the UFC’s production “I love it, I love it, no doubt I love it” When asked about Anderson Silva, “Anderson Silva’s a true entertainer and he’s the best at what he’s doing”


  1. No way silva beats him in a pure boxing match. Even in Roy's advanced years. And I am a big MMA fan.

  2. I Think silva would gi Joys a run for his money,,Silva chin is badass, he hand speed and head movement is very good..

  3. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Boxing or not, Silva could blow Roy away in a pure fight… MMA or otherwise but I'd maybe give Roy the edge in boxing but Silva can fight… not box, better than Roy period.

  4. does anyone know how many more fights Anderson Silva has left on his ufc contract??

  5. last i heard he had 5 and that was a couple fights ago, i don't know if he has the champs clause in there where it keeps renewing as long as he is the champ but maybe thats why he is thinking of dropping the mw title?

  6. He has 2 to 3 fights left on his ufc contract.

  7. Silva would have to take Jones to the ground to beat him.

    I did not like how Roy called Silva an "Entertainer".

    He's a fighter.

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