Robbie Lawler To Guest Coach On TUF 6

robbie lawler

According to an upcoming interview MMAScoops did with Mike Ciesnolevic from the Quad Cities Silverbacks, current ICON Sports champion “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is slated to guest coach along side friend and teammate Matt Hughes on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Lawler left the UFC after losing to Evan Tanner at UFC 50. Lawler was considered one of the most dominate fighters in the sport before going on a three fight losing streak. Rumors of him not being mentally prepared have followed him ever since. Now with some big wins in ICON Sport and only two fights left on his contract, Lawler might just be trying to make his way back to the UFC in the near future.


  1. Lawler is very niiiiice. He's a good fighter and can't wait for him to be in the UFC. Good heads up on him vs. Ninja Rua, I want to see that one.

  2. Woooowhooo! Am I excited.


  3. Cocoanutt says:

    He's still Diaz's bitch, but I would like to see him throw with Annderson Silva since he's fighting at 185 now

  4. Diaz???? That pot head is not as good as everyone gives him credit for. He button punched Lawler and that could happen to anyone. Lawler need to avenge that so people dont think Diaz is anything but a hothead punk.

  5. Did you happen to catch his fight against Takanori Gomi? Diaz is a very good fighter. I will agree that he is kind of a hothead punk, which probably accounts for some of his losses, but he isn't a chump.

  6. Cocoanutt says:

    Pothead punk or not, Diaz abused Lawler the entire fight. He abused gomi, too. Other than than that punch that crakcked nick's face, gomi was a punching bag the entire fight until he got gogo'd

  7. I cant lie I hate Diaz, but he does have some talent.

    As far as the Gomi fight goes, Gomi didn't train for the fight he just partied in Las Vegas, and he is a weightclass lower than Diaz too. Not impressed.

  8. Cocoanutt says:

    Gomi is arguably the best 160 pound fighter ever, and likely cuts weight. Nick doesn't cut and fights at a natural 170. His win was impressive, even if it is officially a nc

  9. Realwun says:

    Well at the time of the fight I didn't like Diaz because of all the trash he had talked about Sanchez, before, during, and after that fight.

    But he dominated this fight and I thought it would be a good one, I was so disappointed. Maybe Gomi is a little smaller, but he still got manhandled and gogoplata'd at the end.

    After watching TUF 5 I have a new perspective on the Diaz brothers. They are dicks sometimes because they are full of pride and dont want to be disrespected.

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