Rio Heroes 11 Streamed Live Tonight

rio heroes 11

Streamed Live over the internet, Tuesday, November 6th, 2007 @ 8PM EST is an extreme fight league built by fighters for fighters coming straight from Brazil. The website enables the real soul of vale tudo, free style fighting, to be viewed by a worldwide audience in its true, unadulterated form. The contenders compete without gloves, rules, or time limits in no holds barred steel cage matches. The only spectators are serious fighters themselves, who can be heard taunting fighters and shouting out suggestive comments during the match in their native Portuguese language.

Super Lightweight Tournament

William Viana vs. Dangelo de Souza Vieira
Marcelo Franca vs. Isaac Tavares
Alexandre Argolo vs. Ricardo Caetano
Peterson Maffort vs. Atila Lima

Watch Rio Heroes 11: Super Lightweight tournament.


  1. wow, rioheroes is bare knuckles? where is kimbo when you need him?

  2. I checked it out and they seem to have some good tough fighters. This one really does look like human cockfighting.

  3. Jun Da Silva says:

    Well for all you hard core fighters that love MMA Rio Heroes which was really a building in Sao Paulo was shut down and closed this weekend because of on-line gambling which is not legal in Brasil and they also were not sanctioned by any Vale Tudo federation in Sao Paulo, so lets hope they can work something out and keep on making good fights. One has the option to see or not to, but the fighters need to feed their families so let them keep on fighting.

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