Raw Las Vegas: Marc Laimon Trains Jake Rosholt

Trainer Marc Laimon trains Jake Rosholt to be the next UFC middleweight champion.


  1. Does this mean that he is going to sign a contract to fight in the ufc?

  2. he is not ready for anderson or dan maybe if they retire he will be champ

  3. i knew the marc laimon name sounded familiar. didn't this guy get humiliated on the ultimate fighter? one of the coaches called laimon a pussy for never stepping into the octagon.

  4. not sure but thats funny if it is true. talking championships in the ufc wonder whose dream that is?

  5. yes he got into it with serra when serra was a contestant and hughes was on the side egging it on thats how the trouble started with serra and hughes.laimon was talking bad about royce garcia and pissed serra off.

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