Rashad Evans Gets Pointers From Roy Jones and Michael Irvin

Rashad Evans had a couple special guests come by his training camp for his UFC 145 fight with Jon Jones. Boxing great Roy Jones Jr. and NFL “Playmaker” Michael Irvin show up to give Rashad support.

“One of the biggest things of my life that has happened to this date is that someone like Roy (Jones, Jr.) came in and gave me some pointers, and some advice,” said Evans. “Boxing and MMA is different in some respect, but at the same time, you can pick up little jewels that he is putting out there. This has become like Ali and Frazer training camp, wherever everybody is sitting and watching you, and watching….it is crazy.”


  1. G.B.Hamerick says:

    I wonder if roy is gonna tell rashad how to overcome that reach that jones is gonna do to jab him into submission. Roy Jones Please you'll need more than him rashad.

  2. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Sounds to me like rashad is giving his defeated speech in advance. Michael Irvin wow wonder how much he really thinks his man rashad is going to win. gotta overcome that reach and imho i see no way for him to do that

  3. Dana Hater says:

    Michael Irvin was there to give him advice on where to score the best ya yo in Florida and where the hookers are located.

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