Rashad Evans Feels Betrayed By Greg Jackson

It was awkward when former teammates Rashad Evans and Jon Jones met in the cage last night at UFC 128. The two were though to be close training partners, but Rashad posts a different picture of the situation on his Twitter account. He makes it the relationship was more like the Diego SanchezGreg Jackson – GSP situation then just two training partners mutual parting ways so they could face each other for the belt.

“Many of u probably already seen that I got offered the title shot & decided 2 take it. @jonnybones fought amazing! I’m very happy 4 him! … With that said I can’t wait 4 the chance 2 compete against him! I no longer will use Greg Jackson as my coach but we r still coo! 505 4life … @Sam_Blackburn I will not use Greg ever again.. I really haven’t used him in a while anyways.. In my last 2 fights I trained with him 5x’s.. … @pirushaccy no worries the fans r always like 2 me! But then they wait hrs 4 me 2 sign something or take a picture. They r fake! … @danstrandberg Greg brought this situation about. He brought Jones on board a while back against my wishes & here we r today. … @danstrandberg so I decided 2 leave Greg because I felt like he didn’t have my best interest anymore. Greg is not the same coach he use 2 b. … I know @jonnybones style well cuz we trained 2gether & he knows mine. Now it’s just a matter of who payed more attention or held back more.” [Twitter via MMAMainia]

Coach Greg Jackson post-fight calls both fighters his bothers and says he will not get involved and corner Jon Jones for Rashad Evans.


  1. i don't think greg jackson changed rashad. he always brings in a ton of fighters. i can't even name how many current ufc fighters are at that gym right now. i know diego left when gsp came on board. i guess history repeats.

  2. At last!!! something remotely interesting linked to greg jackson!!

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