Rashad Evans and Chuck Liddell At UFC 88 Press Conference

Rashad Evans knocked out Chuck Liddell at UFC 88 on Saturday.


  1. het got caught, exactly, i would really like for everyone to stop talking about evans like hes the second coming of christ, he got a great punch that would have put pretty much any fighter out there out freakin cold. re shouldnt retire hes still a great fighter and bare minimum fun to watch, and i cannot believe I am saying this due to the fact i hate evans with a passion but i think he could beat forrest and may be the next champ.

  2. I agree but Liddel is starting to look one dimensional and the fighters see that..there is no exscuse for getting caught twice within a year from pretty much the same punch. Liddel needs to elevate his game back to when he first began and use his all around skills. Anyways Evans is someone who has earned a shot not to high on him though but you knock out Liddel that should earn you something. Rampage should get a rematch first but business wise it makes sense putting Forrest against Evans.

  3. i agree chuck did nothing in that fight but jab and look for the knock out punch anyone with some boxing skills is going to kill him doing that, chuck has alot of weapons and was not using any of them he needs to go back and learn to mix it up again use some kicks shit even some take downs like he did with wandy maybe he should witch camps or do something different.

  4. Seems to be a changing of the guard this last year, Liddell, Hughes, Ortiz and maybe Cotoure if he loses all questioning if they can evolve with the fresh blood rising through the ranks.

  5. Scooby Doo says:

    Chuck has always been a one dimensional, nobody would listen to me Friends and famliy. I always said you could KNOCKOUT chuck with an over hand right. The dean of mean did it in the 2nd round when the fought , the AXE- Murder did it ,Randy did it in their first fight , Shit! even Tito did it in their 2nd fight and woobled chuck. Rashad was the lucky one who just happen to land it right on the jaw! The AXE- MURDER is going to be the next on who KO's Chuck watch and see! Set it up Dana.

  6. Never argue with that i personally dont like Chuck but just pointing out that he is not one dimensional he has multiple skills but just didnt utilize them to his advantage. He was however one dimensional in this fight and looked really bad. I think Rich Franklin is going to clean this division up.

  7. i don't think rich is going to beat any of the top guys but he could do alright, hamill is tough but not even close to being ranked i see rich in the top 10 but never the top 5.

  8. We will have to wait and see with that…Rashad wasnt a Favorite as well and look what he is doing. 205 is a tough division to be in alot to deal with its certainly not short on talent.

  9. It would be nice for church to get some different trainers and coaches around him. Rashad knew exactly how to train for chuck because chuck is not evolving. If he would use more of his skills then fighters like rashad and jardine would not know how to train for him. I know that chuck is loyal to the Pit but come on, follow randy's example and evolve your fighting style. We'll see if chuck can swallow his pride and change.

  10. excuse me, chuck, not church. crap!

  11. thats my point tim the lhw devision is so deep i don't see franklin cleaning it out or anyone, it will be hard for any lhw to hold that belt if there fighting the top guys and i just don't see rich winning that belt at all, but i never thought rashad would beat chuck so who knows.

  12. I am sick of people saying that Chuck has great wrstling skills and a decent ground game. If he did he would use it but he doesnt. He is good at knocking people out and now that he isnt doing that you will see him kep getting beat. He dont use the ground game not b/c he has been so successful standing but I feel its b/c he is lacking in that department. College wrslting dont make u a solid ground fighter. GSP is the best wrestler in the game and he didnt wrestle at the lvl half the wreslters in MMA but he is the best in the sport right now. Dominating top wrestlers. Point being Chuck is hyped up saying he has a god ground game. He uses his skills to stop takedowns and avoid the ground. If he wasnt one dimesional he would show us not just talk about it.

  13. yeah.. Chuck is starting to look like Rich Franklin … good stand up .. no ground game at all …by that i mean take em down and g and p .. and his defense …that was a lazy right hook or what ever .. never was a real die hard Chuck fan .. and Rich Frankiln might as well take his black eye and go back to teaching ..but then again money talks

  14. This is true. Whenever he hits the ground, his top priority is getting back to his feet. What did they say before the fight, his average amount of time on the ground is like 14 seconds?

  15. I think the problem was chuck showed up to fight, but the iceman was no where to be seen. chuck lost his cool and got mad. same thing happend to hatton when he boxed mayweather. you can not fight mad. you lose focus and get caught. It comes down to, rashad got in his head.

  16. Dont thknk so Chuck is just too confident and thought hey im gonna counter him and knock him out with an uppercut like I hit Babalu with. Well guess what he got beat to the punch and I guess his chin couldnt take the hit. Big KO to his ego if u ask me. Maybe it is good for him and he will comeback and change his style like Randy did or maybe he will still be bullheaded and think he can go in with the same gameplan as always and get out gamplnned and tko or KO'd. Personally I think the UFC does better in sales and makes the 205 division better when he is kicking ass. Now I dont like him at all but I like seeing a guy I dont like win and then having him fight a guy I like. It gets me more into the fight. You either liked chuck win he was champ or u didnt. Just like Tito. One thing is for sure though whether he comes back or not and thats HE GOT KTFO'd lol and that he cant win just standing anymore.

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