Randy Couture Talks Movie: Expandables, UFC 100 and Divorce

Fresh off from filming the Stallone movie “Expandables”, Randy Couture talks about training, preparation for UFC 100 and his pending divorce from Kim Couture.


  1. Gotta love ya some Randy….and I hate Steve Cofield. How does such an awkward guy get into broadcasting. Like, what is his appeal? Anyways, Can't wait to see Randy fight again.

  2. he seems knowledgeable to me i mean from things on this site i've seen terrible broadcasters but Steve seems in control and well researched.

    Randy is a great person, i don't like the fact that hes a wrestler but meh hes a cool guy and when he retires i hope he starts an MMA union just to piss off Dana and get the fighters the money they deserve.

  3. I'm not saying he doesn't know the sport at all…i'm just saying from my seat I feel awkward just watching his segments

  4. i do know what you mean, but his interviews are generally ok.

    doesn't seem to make the fighters at ease tho lol, even makes Randy stutter

  5. haha yea…and I totally missed your Randy, union comment. Randy is the one that would be smart enough to do it.

  6. As far as MMA interviewers he's pretty good. He's got the radio voice and personality going for him.

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