Randy Couture On The Difficulties Of Judging, Rampage vs Machida Decision

Randy Couture “I think it [MMA judging] is better then in was, but we still got a ways to go.”


  1. rampage won the damn fight all the footstomps hits to the body and shitt i rewatched the fight 3 times

    randy thinks machida won but after that he says never leave t in the hands of the jugdes

  2. I was there and Rampage won the first two rounds. I don't know what the damn controversy is. Machida sort of pissed me off in the fight..dude needs to bring it more.

  3. the gibinator says:

    i was at the fight also. when machida turns it up its a beautiful thing to watch but he wastes too much time going for the kill. i like his style, i am a big fan, but he has to be more active.

  4. I've said it several times, it's a matter of perspective.

    Rampage pushed forward more, but machida controlled the clinch. Rampage damaged from the clinch more, but machida landed the more damaging shots outside the clinch.

    What's more important? i'm not a judge, so in the grand scheme, my opinion matters little.

  5. MMA maniac says:

    Well how can machida be more active. If he becomes more active he ends getting caught ( example second fight with shogun) He didnt want any of rampage's power so he kept trying to bring the fight into his comfort zone by being elusive. I think more fighters are not going to fall into machidas trap anymore.

  6. rampage controls the first two rounds, doesn't matter who landed more stuff when it looks like one guy dictates the pace and where the fight goes. which is what rampage did. he probably would have won the third if he hadn't gotten taken down (he landed a shot or two before machida tied him up).

  7. To me, the fight should've been a Draw (blasphemy, I know). That's what's so shitty about the 10-point-must scoring system, the judges don't know how to judge MMA with it. I think Rampage eked out the first two rounds, solely on aggression. However, Machida was completely dominant the 3rd round minus one short flurry by Rampage. The 3rd round should've been 10-8 for Machida.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Rampage and thought he gave Machida the best fight he's had besides Shogun, but it should've been a draw. I'd love to see the rematch either way.

  8. Randy needs to learn the differences between "subjective" and "objective." But he does fight well.

  9. ironcjb82 says:

    Yeah the judges suck Randy, you lost to Vera plain and simple. Lol

  10. Can't really use the Vera Couture fight as a good example. Coutures reputation and hall of fame status is going to get him the win in a close decision. It's a lot like the first Shogun Machida fight a close decision that went to the champ because you have to convincingly win a decision to unseat the champ by decision hence frankie edger vs bj penn… Same goes for the UFC poster boy just part of the sport. Judging is getting better but has a long way to go

  11. ironcjb82 says:

    The Vera fight was UD win for Vera in my eyes. As for the first Bj penn fight against Edgar, well with the logic you have to decisively beat the champ to get a decision win doesnt really hold truth in that fight. There first fight was very close, alot of people saw penn winning that. I get what your saying though..

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