Rampage Jackson Rapping In Tokyo

UFC light heavyweight Quinton Rampage Jackson always talks about being an actor or making music after he’s is done fighting. Welcome rapper Rampage as he slings some lyrics to fans at Vanity (in Roppongi) Tokyo, Japan.

What do you think? Rampage’s drunken flow, might just be the start of a promising new career.


  1. No talent whatsoever. Either of them.

  2. He sucks so bad it hurts!

  3. …and his sidekick is obviously along for the ride because he has no talent either!

  4. watched it again….still sucks!

  5. Tokyo is probably the only place that would like this because they don't know what they hell he's talking about.

  6. monkey boy next to him needs some serious help!

  7. G.B.Hamerick says:

    Monkey boy? what the hell does that mean do you know that dude?

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